Do you Want to Keep your Wedding Bouquet Forever

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort to shop the best wedding bouquet in your mind.Finally, you suceed. After your wedding, how will you deal with the wedding bouquet? Just throw it?Cocomelody tells you how to keep your wedding bouquet forever.

1.Decide which method you want to keep your wedding bouquet

You can choose air drying or freezing your wedding bouquet. Air drying is a simple method for you to DIY. You just put your bouquet in the air and the air will dry your bouquet.But the shortcoming is that you can not get the vibrant color of your bouquet. The other way is to freeze your wedding bouquet. It is not easy for you to do if you do not have the professional equipment to do it.

2.Find a local or online vendor

You can first ask whether the bouquet provider helps keep the bouquet forever. There may be some discount .You’d better start  to find your local or online vendor before two weeks of your wedding.

3.Keep your bouquet perfect after wedding

If you want to preserve your bouquet forever, you should keep it perfect after wedding. As for the bouquet throwing process, the less expensive bouquet  can be thrown symbolically instead.

4.Plan your time

In our second point, we refer to the time to find a local or online vendor.What’s more,you can seek aid from your friends or relatives to start the preservation process If you want have a fantastic honeymoon. They help you have a freshest flowers cutting off some stems and puting  them into the fridge for a DIY wedding bouquet preservation or the vendor process, .

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