Here’s what To Expect When Partnering with Cocomelody

Entrepreneuship Wedding Dresses 101 | By:cocomelody

A bridal store like Cocomelody sells excellent quality wedding dresses and accessories to the brides-to-be and the rest of the bridal party. We also provide custom sizing services, so everyone gets the best fit. If bridal fashion excites you and you wish to get along with a suitable bridal business partner to expand your brand, Cocomelody has your back.

Ease of Getting Started

Cocomelody offers you the push you need to get started and make it big in the industry. We have helped numerous new startups, and we can help you too. Our partner program is beneficial to both big and small bridal store owners. The wholesale campaign offers “buy more get more” deals (Buy 10 Get 12, Buy 20 Get 25 and Buy 30 Get 40). The consignment program further supplies new collections to stores to keep upgrading their styles.

Customized Design Capabilities

Do you want to give brides a reason to shop at your store? Give them personalized experiences. Brides today expect customization experiences when shopping for their wedding outfits. When you partner with us, you can leverage our unmatched customized fashion capabilities. We have created an environment where fashion feels highly personalized, and we deliver products that better meet individual demands. Our own supply chain allows us to meet customers’ unique needs and size requirements.

Competitive Wholesale Prices

Cocomelody doesn’t believe in selling cheap knock-offs. We offer factory-direct prices to our partners for the craftsmanship and quality of our bridal dresses. We decentralize the dealing process directly from the factory to our retail partners. This allows us to offer you competitive wholesale prices starting from $149 only.

Speedy Delivery

With Cocomelody, you can expect quality and timely deliveries to bring a sparkling smile to the faces of your brides. Quick delivery dresses do not compromise on the quality. Every order is handled with care and precision. Once we confirm the order, we will deliver in less than 60 days. We can also ship directly to your customers’ locations.

Trendsetting Collection

Cocomelody constantly strives to offer the best bridal collections that catch the eye and the essence of what it feels like to be a bride. Each piece evokes an effortless elegance, style, and comfort. Every year, we launch new collections and keep using our customers’ feedback to create unique designs. When you partner with us, you’ll always be receiving trendsetting designs.

Quality Products

Cocomelody partners receive only high-quality wedding dresses at wholesale prices. Our countless positive reviews online and from our LA store prove our fashion expertise, familiarity with the industry, an eye for detail, customer service, and management skills.

Professional Marketing Strategy

A solid marketing strategy is crucial to connect with the targeted brides and for early and long-term success. With Cocomelody, you can expect to receive your personalized marketing plans from our in-house marketing team. We understand the niche comprehensively and can provide localized research solutions to improve your appointments. Our team can certainly help you market your brand and drive up sales.


When you work with a partner company, you can pool the resources, save time, reach more happy brides, and earn better profits in the process. Click here to get started with Cocomelody.