How to Get Through Your Wedding Day without Ugly Crying?

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Weddings, no matter how you approach them, will trigger your emotions, warm your heart and push your buttons. You’ll become emotional and cry because you’ll think about your families and what it’s going to be like for them. You’ll cry because you’ll be excited about the big day and the future you’re preparing to build. You’ll cry because you want to look great and feel your best when walking down the aisle in your wonderful wedding dress. You’ll cry because your favorite people are coming to support you all at the same time. You’ll cry because there’s a lot to plan. You’ll cry because things you forgot about will keep popping up. Ah… weddings!

The rollercoaster of excitement and stress of a wedding can be a thrill ride… But it will only grow into something bigger than you initially planned. You’ll get new ideas after seeing cool stuff. You’ll talk to other recent brides and want to use some of their details as examples… You get where we’re going with this?

What we mean to say is that it’s hard to balance everything, and perhaps no one understands that as much as the bride.

So, what can you do to focus, clarify and balance yourself out and get through your wedding day without all the ugly crying? Here are some tips that might help.

How to Get Through Your Wedding Day without Ugly Crying?

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1. Take a time out

Do fun things with your partner that aren’t related to the wedding drama going on. Staying connected to your partner is important. This is the first big project you’re tackling together. The same goes for your friends – they probably have things going on in their lives they want to tell you about that aren’t wedding-related. Don’t let the wedding drama consume your whole life.

2. Stay in the pink

Don’t let physical fitness, proper diet, keeping doctor’s appointments, etc. fall by the wayside. You want to look and feel your best in your wedding gown, not stressed and worn out by the preparations and inevitable wedding drama. Even if you’re on a tight schedule, missing a wedding detail is a minor cost compared to getting burnt out over the planning process as a whole.

Stay in the pink

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3. Leave a Message at the Beep

It’s easy to feel barraged by phone calls from family, friends and vendors. Your answering machine or voicemail can help you slow the pace of all the wedding drama. By screening your phone calls, you get the condensed version. You’ll give more thoughtful replies if you’re able to concentrate on the conversation. The best decisions aren’t made driving 65 mph while juggling a cup of coffee and talking on the phone.

4. Lend someone your ear

Listen to the input of your loved ones. They may give you some ideas you hadn’t considered. Tell them that you appreciate them taking the time to let you know how they feel and you’ll see if whatever they are requesting is a possibility. Try your best to avoid giving an answer on the spot. Saying yes and having to let them down or flatly refusing their request will only cause more wedding drama.

Lend someone your ear

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5. Aye, Aye, Captain

Whether or not you choose to incorporate these suggestions, the decision is ultimately yours. Go with what feels right – there are no wrong answers. Remembering that you’re the captain of this ship and only you can prevent yourself from feeling pulled in all directions when wedding drama is trying to take root. When you have made your decision, patch things up if you think you’ve let someone down. Tell them why you decided against their suggestion and that you hope they’ll understand. Asserting yourself kindly but firmly should put the issue to rest and end the wedding drama once and for all.

6. Four-alarm fire

Not every glitch is an emergency, so don’t let alarm bells ring when a problem arises. There’ll be some snafus, but do not let them ruin the whole thing – wedding drama is a part of every bride’s special day – it’s how you handle it that matters most. Do what needs to be done and focus on all the joy of your special day. If something major happens, it’ll be a story for your grandchildren. Besides, popular superstition says that the more wedding drama you have, the happier the marriage will be!

Four-alarm fire

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In conclusion

Through all the turmoil, remember to breathe deep and don’t sweat the small stuff. No matter what happens, you’ll come away from the day with treasured memories that will last a lifetime and you won’t even remember the wedding drama that unfolded.