How to Invite Your Friends As Your Bridesmaids

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

Your boyfriend has proposed to you. We bet that you want to share this good news with your honey sisters. So how could you tell them and let them become your bridesmaids in a plain way?

Let’s take a look at following suggestions about how to invite your friends to be your bridesmaids! Small special gifts You can give gifts to your friends. Just send them those pretty objects your friends like and surprise them a lot!


You can propose to your friend and say “Are you willing to be my bridesmaid?” I bet that she will be as excited as you when you are proposed by your boyfriend! Sweet chocolates Almost every girl likes chocolates. When your friend opens the box, she will be moved by what you’ve done. One “love letter” You can write a letter to your friend and share your unforgettable memories. In the ending part, you can add “would you like to be my maid of honor, dear?”