How to Match the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses for the Wedding Ceremony

Tips & Guidance | By:cocomelody

It is not an easy thing to match good bridesmaid dresses for the wedding ceremony. Some brides will let her bridesmaids choose the same color series while some will choose gowns in similar style but a little difference in details. No matter which method you adopt, the one suiting the different body shapes of bridesmaids is the best choice. Let’s look at three following cases:

How to Match the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses for the Wedding Ceremony?

Picture1: Take advantage of the light. Under the sunshine, the yellow, orange and purple dresses form a perfect picture. Picture 2: These three bridesmaid dresses are different in style but are designed by the same designer. So they won’t look very strange but highlight every bridesmaid characteristics. Picture 3: Bride Hillary Mabardy let her bridesmaids choose the dress by themselves and she just tells them to pick the color from light pink to gray. The result shows that her decision is great. They are in harmony together!!

Wrong matching ways. You’d better not try

The style of bridesmaid dresses is not too special and the color is not too bright. In this photo, bridesmaids draw more attentions from the guests. You need to care about the color. The dark color makes a mature lady. However, you will feel not good if there are too many colors.

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