How to Save on Wedding Flowers?

PLANNING & BUDGET Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

It does not matter which season it is, flowers are always a must-have. Ranging from vibrant colors in Spring and Summer to the more earthy and deep colors in Fall and Winter. Besides the wedding dress the bride will be wearing, her bouquet is the next statement piece. Each bouquet is an individual piece of art and represents a bride in her own unique way. From keeping it simple to adding keepsakes, a bride’s bouquet is as much a secret as her gown. Here are a few tips on what to keep an eye on when searching for those perfect petals and blooms!

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1. Let’s Talk Money

As with the majority of wedding expenses, it is best to have a set amount put aside for your bouquet and floral arrangements. Better yet, make an appointment with your florist who is savvy when it comes to the difference in pricing for various flowers.

2. Keep it Local and Seasonal

To keep costs as low as possible, you want to try to keep it local and seasonal. Local meaning to go to a florist that is near you, where you do not have any or minimum costs of delivery and seasonal, meaning to choose flowers that are common throughout that season. I remember with my own wedding, which took place in July, I wanted a peony and as many know by this time they are already wilted. I had the option to either pay double or three times the price or opt for another option which brings me to the next tip.

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3. Real vs. Fake

As I mentioned above if you buy out of season blooms it can certainly get pricey, instead I opted to go for an artificial peony which combined with other seasonal real flowers looked just as real. Although artificial flowers tend to be more expensive they do not wilt (great for summer weddings) and they last forever (no preserving needed).

4. Repurpose

A great way to keep costs within your budget is to reuse/ -purpose your bouquet and flower arrangements. As in the picture below, my bridal bouquet turned into the centerpiece at the venue. This way your flowers can be admired up close for those who have not had a chance to admire your artwork. This can also be done with the bridesmaid’s flowers. In addition once the ceremony is over you can hand out the flower arrangements as keepsakes to the guests or decorate your home.

5. Rethinking Alternatives

Sometimes you have your heart set on specific flowers, let it be for their meaning or because you adore them. What might be challenging is getting your hands on those specific flowers or being able to afford them. I suggest keeping some alternatives in mind or being able to be flexible by substituting them, e.g. peonies with carnations, hydrangeas with stock flowers, and delphiniums with snapdragons.

6. Go Green

Another option is choosing a lot of greenery. Greenery comes in so many different shapes and sizes and can add a nice contrast to colorful flowers. Greenery is great to fill your bouquet or create centerpieces without hurting your wallet.

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7. I Like Big Blooms And I Can Not Lie

If you cannot resist having the flowers your want but they are on the pricier end, you might want to go with a smaller bouquet or if you want a bigger bouquet you can use fuller flowers to give you the illusion of a fully packed one. Big blooms are great to fill in the space for centerpieces, décor and bouquets.