How to Style your Wedding with Living Plants

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How to Style your Wedding with Living Plants? Nowadays the natural things are favored in wedding decoration. Living plants can be choose in many people’s minds. How to style your wedding with living plants become a problem for many people. Don’t worry. Sweeties,Cocomelody will offer some inspirations for you!

1.Choose a theme

The first thing for your decoration is to decide the theme of your wedding. You can use Moroccan screen as the central point if you want a Moroccan theme.

2.Use interesting accessories and decorations in your wedding

Sometimes some accessories should be used to make a perfect wedding plants decoration. The hanging planters can be used to combination of the whole effect. In addition, it can save some space.

3.Create different heights

The plants with the same height can not create a good visual effect. Some high plants with shorter plants and some hanging plants above will build a different thing you want!

4.Use flowers to add different color

Plants are mostly green color. If you are a bride into different color, why not choose some flowers! You can use some small, bright flowers to meet your different color tastes!