How to make a Champagne Tower

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Do you want to make a favor in your friends’ wedding or impress others in your party? Cocomelody will tell you how to make a champagne tower. We think that you can use it in many occasions.

Step by step:

1.Think how high you want for a Champagne tower.

Remember: The base is square. You need 4 x 4, 3 x 3 etc. The size for a single glass is same.

2.Make sure that you have a steady table.

The table should be large enough for you to put the champagne tower and steady enough to make a safe champagne tower environment.

3.Begin your construct.

Begin the champagne tower with a square. Each glass should be added to the center of three glasses form. Attention: Make sure the champagne flow into the each glass.

4.Keep building the champagne tower until there is one glass at the top.

5.Decorate your champagne tower with flowers or something you want.

6.Make a toast to the happy wedding!