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Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

I am sure every mom will have complex feelings when she heard that her daughter is getting married. As a mom, you may feel a little sad, because your little angel grew up too fast, on the other hand, you will feel happy for her to find her own happiness! I am sure that you wish she could have the most perfect wedding ever! Your daughter will surely appreciate this, but hold on, there are some tips that you must know about your daughter’s wedding planning, follow cocomelody to have a check now:

Your daughter loves you but maybe not your taste.

You may wish to do the entire wedding planning for your daughter, but you need to know that she may not love all the ideas that you gave, because she is a mature women who has her own taste and planning ideas. You may frown when seeing your daughter’s wedding planning, decoration and even wedding dress. Well, you need feel relax, this is your daughter’s wedding, I am sure she wishes to have a perfect wedding too, so just let her do what she want! And if she needs your help, she would surely ask for your help; if not, don’t be disappointed, you need to feel proud for having such a capable daughter!

Say directly what you can offer

The financial issue is often embarrassing to talk between the family members. However, wedding budget is a key point for the wedding planning, so if you wish to give her some support, just tell her that I would love to buy wedding dresses for you (or something else); if you are not able to afford anything, just let her know, I am sure she will understand. It can reduce many troubles and misunderstandings.

Your friends may not be invited to your daughter’s wedding

Don’t assume that all your friends will get the invitation card just as you are not always invited to your friend’s daughter’s wedding. Now it’s your turn, you are Mob, it is not your party but your daughter’s wedding. If you want to share this great news with your friends, why not gather all of them to have a dinner before the wedding! B2bs or Moms, what do you think of these tips? Or there are some other tips you wish to share with the mobs? Just leave a comment below.