Our Customer ALice’s Daughter’s Wedding

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Today Cocomelody will share you guys Alice’s daughter’s wedding. We have to say it a fantastic wedding. Cocomelody is so honored to offer the wedding dress,bridesmaid dresses and veil to her daughter.

Alice ordered the wedding dress LWWT14018 and veil AC1017 June 24, 2015 and she offered us the daughter’s size. It turns out so perfect in her daughter. The mother always knows her daughter best.


Production Time : 25~30 Days

Color : White

Size : Custom Made Size

Style : Size(inch)


As for the bridesmaid dresses, Alice does not know their sizes. Alice trusts Cocomelody so she introduces our website to the bridesmaids. They agree to the same dress B12220 which is also our hot sale product.

When Alice receives our dresses, she is so excited and she answered our service:

     “I just wanted to give you an update, the wedding is just around the corner, November 28th.All of the dresses are amazingly beautiful, bridal and bridesmaids. We can’t wait to send you photos of the special day!!! Thanks again for all of your special attention and care for EVERYTHING you’ve done to help make my daughter’s wedding day memorable and beautiful!!!”

She offered us some photos by phone but she felt the wedding photos will be more beautiful. Thank you Alice, she offers us the photos after the wedding ceremony.

Alice feels so happy and the email says:

       “The wedding was wonderful and amazing! My daughter and bridesmaids were absolutely gorgeous, due in part to the beautiful dresses made by your company. They all were very elegant and classy looking. They received so many compliments and of course the name Cocomelody was the word of  the day! I have some photos via cell phone but they don’t do justice to the brush off the dresses. I will  send you more a couple of photos just as a preview, but if you’ll be patient with me, as soon as we get the professional photos back, I will send them and you can actually post them if you’d like. Thank you again for making my daughter’s wedding day a very special and memorable day!!!”