5 Mistakes you made during your wedding dress shopping

Bridesmaid Dresses Tips & Guidance Wedding Dresses | By:cocomelody

Wedding dress choosing will be a important task for you. You want to show yourself and you are nervous about almost everything. Cocomelody is happy to offer some ideas! Especially 6 mistakes you should avoid during your wedding dress shopping!

Trying on too many dresses

You do not need to try every dress to make you tired of this process. Begin your wedding choosing, you can start paying attention to the magazines and the dresses in the stores to make you well prepared for the styles.

The wrong size

There are many dresses on sale. You think that you can have one. Actually, the size does not fit you.You can not expect your body shape change in several months. Just give up the wrong size!

Do not take accessories

Accessories can match different style for you. If you do not take accessories,you can not see the whole look. Then you may regret for what you buy!

Do not wear your wedding shoes

You just go to wedding store without your wedding shoes. You will be shorter than you in your big day. In addition, the shoes style can not match your wedding dress!

Do not have much time before your big day

Your wedding dress will be needed alteration. If you just have 4 days or so, you can not expect everything as perfect as you think! So,please prepare some time for your wedding dress selection!