How to Have a Nice Journey with your Wedding Dress

Bridesmaid Dresses Tips & Guidance Wedding Dresses | By:cocomelody

 Many girls need to travel to have their weddings. They want to know how to keep the wedding dress in their journey. As your friend, Cocomelody will try our best to tell you some tips about it!

First class or priority boarding

Cocomelody bridal designer advises the girls to book first class for their wedding dresses. In addition, you can tell the seatmates about your wedding dress. They will help you protect the wedding dress. Plus,you’d better go to the airport and check in earlier. There are some front closets in the airport and you can have one if you are early enough.

Place your wedding dress bag in your overhead bin

Sometimes you are not that lucky. The front closets are full. What should you do then? Take a transparent wedding dress bag and make the wedding dress flat in your overhead bin. It is good for you to keep the wedding dress! Nobody will interrupt your wedding dresses sleep.

Buy a seat for your wedding dress

If you have money to spare, you can buy a wedding dress for your wedding dress. It may be the safest way for your wedding dress. You can keep seeing your wedding dress to never let the dress leave your sight!

Find the open seats for your wedding dress

You may not be willing to buy a ticket for your wedding dress. In some planes, you will find many open seats. You may ask a nice flight attendant to move around and sit next to your wedding dress without spending more money!

Don’t forget to pack a portable steamer

A portable steamer is needed! Believe us! You can keep it good by the portable steamer!