Food Tips on your Wedding Shopping Day

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Shopping wedding dresses is a very important task. Ask your body: Are you ready for this? Do you know how to eat for your wedding shopping day? Cocomelody would like to show you some tips.

Have protein

Protein is necessary food for you. You can have egg or yogurt in your breakfast to have enough protein which can reduce your hunger. Some nutrition scientists say that a balanced breakfast is made up of fruit,protein and vegetables and fiber.

Drink enough water

70% of your body is made up of water. You should supply with yourself enough water. Plus, take a bottle of water!

Don’t skip meal

Some girls will choose to skip meal. It is very dangerous. Your brain can not be fed. You need to make some decisions. At that time, you will feel hungry and angry, which is not good for your final decision. In addition, eat some fat like chicken which will let you feel energetic!

Bring snacks

If you are afraid that you can not find your food in time, you can bring some snacks like: a banana and some peanuts. They can calm your stomach and mind.