6 Conditions that You’d Better Give up the Wedding Dress you Wear

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Now many girls emailed Cocomelody that they want choose their wedding dresses but they’re confused when they choosing. Actually it is not that difficult. Cocomelody share you 6 conditions that you’d better give the wedding dress you wear!

1.It is higher than your budget

Cocomelody designers saw a lot of brides want the wedding dress higher than their budget. They even want to alter their dresses to fit their imagination dresses. Attention: you should know the cost first. So girls, Do not just consider the wedding dress itself cost but other costs going along with the dress !

2.You want major changes with the wedding dress

You can not predict the final effect of the wedding dress if you want major changes with the wedding dress. It is risky to do so. Because you can not express your wedding dress properly in photos to make your designer know what you exactly want!

3.You do not follow your heart

It means that you did not want to buy this wedding dress but your family members or someone else want you buy it. Just walk away. It is your wedding not the others. You have the ultimate right to choose the one you like!

4.Buy the dress just because the low price

The wedding store consultant tells that it is on sale and you will earn a lot of money by buying it. At that time, you should ask yourself:Does the dress have other advantages besides low price? If you answer yourself No, you can find something better. You want discounted wedding dress not life!

5.It is not your size

You never expect yourself can be thin enough for the dress in your big day! Your engagement period is a very emotional experience! Do not make your losing weight issue ruin your mood! So say No to the dress not in your size!

6.The wedding dress can not match the venue

You want to wear a beautiful ball gown to your beach wedding? We know that you are good in that dress. Try to choose something suitable! What’s more,you should consider about the climate. You try to choose heavy fabrics in winter and thin fabrics in summer!

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