5 Beauty Tips Nobody Tells you

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In this post, cocomelody will share you some beauty tips nobody tells you.  Let’s see!

1.Make Eyes Look Bigger

An easy trick for you to make your eyes look bigger: Use a white pencil instead of your black eyeliner! Do you see the difference between the two photos? If you do not have a white pencil, please buy one!

2.Lipstick Ready

Lipstick is of importance for a beautiful lady! You can make its effect better! How? You just mix the sugar and coconut to make it well prepared for your cute lipstick! Attention:Do not use too much!

3. Blush by Face Type

Blush can make you look more cute! You can choose your blush type by your face type! Your cheek bones can make a difference in the blushing procedure. You should make use of the blush to highlight your best features and hide some things you want to cover!

4. Repurposed Plastic Spoon

Are you embarrassed about the mascara applying? Cocomelody tells you one tip: Use a plastic spoon and you can get rid of getting any on the skin!

5. The Lip Cheat

Many girls want to have Angelina Jolie’s lush lips. They will choose the plastic surgery. Give up the dangerous plastic surgery! Cocomelody shares you a secrect! You can add some natural lip line outside your lip. If you want a more dramatic effect, why not cover much more!