Something you Need to Do after you Get Engaged

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

After you get engaged, what do you need to do? Cocomelody is willing to offer ideas to you!

Your Private Time

Before sharing the good news to your friends,Cocomelody advises you have some time with your fiancé! You two go to the bar and hold a glass of Champagne.You can share some private conversations with him. Believe us, you will keep this moment in your mind forever!

Share the News

You should tell your parents first ( no text messages) then other relatives and friends.Only after you have already told your closet friends and family members about it, you can post the information to your social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and every other social media platform.

Have a Party

Before your wedding, you can have an engagement party! Keep in mind: Invite the people who will also participate in your wedding party! So choose your guests wisely.You can name a topic for your party.You can also choose some elements that you want to use in your wedding.

Set a Budget

Before making any wedding decisions,money issue is a necessary thing for you to consider. So set a budget before planning.Attention: Make sure your fiancé and you have agreement about the budget!