How to Use Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, Living Coral, in Your Wedding?

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Have you heard? Replacing the vibrant shade of Ultra Violet, Living Coral has now taken the center stage as Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019! According to Pantone, this unique color symbolizes our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits. And what is more joyful than the joining of two in marriage? Do you get where we are going with this?

How to Use Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year, Living Coral, in Your Wedding?

But how exactly can you incorporate this cheerful and energetic salmon-colored hue into your wedding day color palette? I mean, we love it, but it is certainly not the easiest color to use in a wedding… Well, here is our insight on how you can seamlessly incorporate Living Coral into your wedding day.

1. Palettes to consider

Unless your entire color palette is going to be coral (which we do not vouch for), you must aim to find colors that complement the unique look of coral. The colors do not have to be too loud or too subdued; cohesiveness is the key. One color palette that we are smitten with includes soft creams, rose gold, and coral; the colors blend together in an elegant way without looking over-the-top. Classic blues, light greens, grays, pearly whites, and muted pinks also complement coral.

Palettes to consider

Styles(from left to right):#COZF1401D & #COZF140A1 & #COZF1401D & #PR17020 & #COZK16005 & #COZK16004 & #PR3263

2. Add a pop of color through flowers

This one is obvious, isn’t it?

There is an abundance of coral hue flowers that you can use with your wedding color scheme – and yes, most of them are available throughout the year. You can consider using some pink-tinted crowd favorites such as peonies, buttercups, coral orchids, and pink roses to table centerpieces or your bouquet.

Not into an all coral bouquet? That is okay too – you can keep most of your flowers to neutrals and add in a couple of meandering stems of orchids in coral as an accent.

3. Don’t forget about your wedding dress!

White may be traditional, but a coral wedding dress is what you need for your ‘Pantone Color of the Year-themed’ wedding. Apart from being celebrity tested and approved (just ask Jessica Biel and Kaley Cuoco), the rosy shade also exudes romance! You have heard of a blushing bride, right? Blush coral wedding dresses will tie the romance of your entire day together, making for one beautiful ‘happily ever after.’ Feeling inspired yet?

Don't forget about your wedding dress!

Style: #LD3817

4. It’s all in the details

  • Paper products: Welcome basket tags, table number cards, and rehearsal dinner invitations are all perfect for giving a subtle nod to the 2019’s color of the year.
  • The spread: Think of all the tasty treats you can make with coral inspiration. The options are endless! One great option is to inject the coral hue into your wedding cake, cupcakes, macaroons or whatever else is on the dessert table through the use of fondant appliqués.
  • Drinks: Of course, you can add coral to your drinks as well! For instance, you could choose Cosmopolitan or Banana Daiquiri as your wedding’s signature cocktail.
  • Lighting: Adding doses of coral throughout the decorating scheme is pretty easy with the use of the right lighting… For example, instead of soft white lighting or rotation of colors, you can opt for coral lighting. You can use it to draw attention to your beautiful wedding dress, venue or some other areas you would like to draw your guests’ attention to. In addition to colored light bulbs, you can utilize pillar candles in coral-esque colors. Apart from adding a splash of color, candles can also create a romantic ambiance. Win-win!

It’s all in the details

5. Keep the look ‘Balanced’

The most important thing to remember when using Pantone’s Living Coral is to keep the wedding look balanced. What we mean is, DO NOT let one color overpower the day and just because you are using coral in your palette does not mean the entire venue needs to be pink or that you need to go big, bold and monochromatic. Proceed tastefully. It is always possible to add more coral later!

In conclusion,

Every Pantone Color of the Year is amazing in its own way – from the Turquoise that continues to be a hot wedding trend even after eight years it was declared “Color of the Year” to the 2019’s Living Coral, all Pantone’s choices are truly amazing as primary wedding colors. Incorporating this lovely shade into your wedding day will surely turn the uniqueness and glamour of your wedding up a notch – plus, it makes for some amazing photographs!