Inspiration: Nontraditional Bridal Shower Ideas

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

One of the many centuries-old customs that comes with planning a wedding is the bridal shower. Traditionally, the bridal shower was intended to help a bride set up her new home through household items given by friends and family. However, things have changed a lot since those times, with most couples opting to live together before marriage, so their kitchen cupboards probably don’t need more pans and dishes! While some brides still love honoring this tradition, what do you do when the thought of opening gifts and playing bridal-themed games just doesn’t sound appealing? Go the nontraditional bridal shower route, of course! Here, we’ve rounded up some great ideas for the more modern bridal parties:

Fitness Bridal Shower


Image by Erica Swantek via Swooned Magazine

One thing that everyone in the bridal party will have in common is that they all want to look as good as possible for the big day. What better way to achieve that than by hosting the bridal party at a fitness studio? Whether you and your friends prefer yoga, pilates, barre, CrossFit, Zumba, or whatever gets you sweating out all those endorphins, it’s a great way to bond and get fit together for the big day!

Spa Bridal Shower


Image from Yelp via Pinterest

Trust us on this, the whole bridal party will find it hard to disagree with having a spa bridal party. After all, who could possibly say no to a day of pampering and relaxation, from manicures and pedicures to body massages and body wraps? Make sure to check ahead with your local spas for good deals, as most spas offer custom packages for small parties. If budget is tight, there are many DIY beauty tutorials online and reasonable finds at drugstores (especially for nail polish!) that will have your home spa set-up look amazing.

Charity Bridal Shower


Image by Catherine Lane/Getty Images via CNBC

For the bride who has everything and is the most difficult one to pick a present for, why not host a charity bridal shower instead? Whether it’s volunteer work or donation in lieu of bridal gifts, it’s a truly rewarding way to help others in need and give back to a cause that is special to the bride. 

Slumber Bridal Shower


Image by Ryan Sides via Pretty in the Pines

The general rule is that as long as you have a group of girlfriends together, a slumber party is always going to be a good idea, no matter what your age is! Add in some wine, pizza boxes, scented candles, snacks, and everyone’s favorite chick flicks, and you’re guaranteed to have a nostalgic, yet truly fun and memorable shower.

Getaway Bridal Shower


Image from Preparewear via Etsy

Whether it’s for a day or the weekend, there are so many options for a getaway bridal shower. From a two-hour drive to the vineyard for a day of winetasting to a weekend away sunbathing and drinking mojitos by the beach, it’s easy to choose something that the bride will genuinely love. Some getaway shower ideas we love include glamping (glamorous camping for the luxurious yet adventurous bride) and a fun day at the theme park!

Couple’s Shower


Image from Swoozies via Pinterest

Why not throw the future Mr. and Mrs. a joint shower instead? Not only does this enable the happy couple to celebrate with all their close friends and family, it also discards the stereotypical bridal roles (because why shouldn’t grooms get gifts too?) Plus, going from a girls-only gathering to adding guys into the mix is also almost always a recipe for a good party!