Must-Know Things When You Go For Wedding Dress Fitting

Tips & Guidance | By:cocomelody

Before you go for wedding dress fitting, have you made full preparations and learned some useful tips? Today, let’s listen to the professional wedding planner’s suggestions and hope these nice tips will help you to become the highlight on your big day!

Yes: You should try on your wedding dress 6 weeks before your wedding. If you wasn’t used to wearing 10 cm high-heeled shoes in the past, you’d better practice about it.

Yes: You should keep fit by eating healthy and workout.

Yes: Put on your bridal shoes to make sure the length of your dress. Wear the comfortable pair and you will feel good if you find your dress matches your shoes so well!

Yes:Wear your underwear that you plan to wear in your wedding ceremony. You can wear the shape wear to keep a perfect condition. Attention: choose the one matching your skin.

NO:You may find that you spend too much time on looking for the imperfect details of the dress! Don’t worry, you will take care of your dress in your later days. Don’t waste time regretting!

Yes:Try on more wedding veils and head accessories. If you have a small face, you can pick those small yet pretty accessories. But you’d better choose bigger ones if you think your face a little big and round. These all help you form a good appearance. 

Yes:After going for fitting, remember to iron your gown to keep it the best condition.

Yes: Make a smart budget. It is often the rule that you need to pay more for the more beautiful dress. So you should set your own budget and choose one that you like and also you can afford!