Real Wedding: Hailey & Taylor

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Hailey and Taylor held the wedding ceremony in River Legacy Parks and Recreation in Arlington, TX on April 21st, 2017. They did a color theme named “navy blue, pink and charcoal grey” which was full of soft vintage vibes! 

All the photos were taken by: Jillian Hamp

Wedding Dress Style: #LD3932

Q: Best wedding planning advice?

Don’t stress too much to where it’s eating you away. I planned my wedding in a day because I realized that at the end of the day it’s about me and my future husband and we would be married by the end of it! So everything else in between will just fall into place to get us there!

Q: Tell us your love story?

I lived in Texas and he lived in Missouri. I was on a family vacation in 2011 in Branson, Missouri. We went to a theme park and my family and I were riding all the roller coasters. We were going to leave soon so I went to ride one more ride by myself and a kid sat next to me and we hit it off! We exchanged numbers but didn’t really ever have a conversation. So fast forward a few months and I was home playing video games on my computer and I started playing one of my games pretty regularly and I started to talk with one of the guys on there. We hit it off and found out that it was the kid I exchanged numbers with! Now Taylor and I got in trouble a lot for talking to people on the internet so we broke up and just left it alone. A year or so later I messaged him on Facebook to see how he was and we hit it off again. I wasn’t in a good place to date anyone at that time so we broke up again because I had just gotten out of a relationship. A few months later we started messaging again and over the summer of 2015 I went to Missouri to visit him almost every other weekend. I met his family and friends and didn’t want to do long distance anymore. I applied for a job in Branson and got it immediately so I moved to Missouri in August that year! We got engaged 1/1/2016 and started wedding planning immediately! We decided later to have a smaller intimate wedding and we planned it in a day! Now we’re married and couldn’t be happier!!


Q: What’s your feeling when you found your dream #Cocomelody dress?

I saw an ad on Facebook for Cocomelody and I went to the website since I hadn’t found anything yet and saw what I chose to be my dress on the front page of the website. I knew I HAD TO have that dress and I ordered it that day! I couldn’t believe I found a dress that quickly and so inexpensive!

Q: What’s your favorite part of the wedding dress?

The intricate details of the flowers and sequins!!!