Real Wedding: Juciele & Rudo

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Juciele & Rudo had their beautiful rustic/plain wedding at Markovina Estate in Auckland. Everything was so perfect. Between the flattering silhouette and the stunning off-the-shoulder sleeves, Juciele’s wedding gown could not be more romantic! Huge congratulations to this High-school sweethearts and a massive thanks for sharing these dreamy wedding pics with us too!

All photos were taken by Rachel Stringfelllow.

Wedding Dress Style: #LD4905

so blessed when god sent you here for me

Q: Any advice or tips for future Mrs.?

Only focus on you and your h2b- do not let anyone take away the excitement from the 2 of you. Also, there will be things that won’t go according to plan on your day, do not worry about it. My biggest tip: try and take a step back, and just look at everything – take it all in and appreciate everything coming together.

Q: What about your love story?

High-school sweethearts who met at a church group. It was love at first sight at the age of 15 and we’ve never looked back. We’ve witnessed each other going through big milestones in our young lives- licenses, year 13 balls, university applications, first jobs etc. We’re not looking forward to starting a family in the next 2 years- although we already have a cute little Yorkie.

I wanna spend the rest of my sunsets with you

Q: What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme? 

It was quite trendy this wedding season. I love earthy colours.

Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process? Why or why not? 

Yes I did! I loved it – I’ve dreamt about my wedding day since I was a little girl, so I was so excited to start planning.

this wedding dress is just stunning!

Q: What was your hubby’s reaction when he first saw you on your big day?

He had tears in his eyes – very much to my surprise that is. He is not an emotional guy at all- so that was very special for me.

Q: What did you love most about your #Cocomelody dress? 

The back! The details! Everything – it is literally the prettiest thing ever. I also love the fact that I was able to combine two dresses to create my dream wedding dress.

The relaxed and pleasant wedding atmosphere is intoxicating

Q: What do you think about Cocomelody and the customer service?

Lovely! The Cocomelody‘s ladies online were so helpful – I chatted to them so many times with the silliest questions. They were so helpful. It was really so stress-free. Thank you for that 🙂