Romantic Desert Wedding

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

Have you thought about holding a wedding in the desert? Many girls think it must be a cool outdoor wedding! Yeah, Let’s have a look!

1. Venue

In the desert, the cliff with red rocks can be the background for your extraordinary wedding! Sounds cool?

2. Bridal Bouquet

In the desert, those fresh flowers will fade in a short time. So why not try to make flowers by yourself? Color paper, lace and flash cards can help you make a special bridal bouquet!

3. Package Decoration

People will travel to desert. So travelling can be your wedding topic! Packages definitely can become your wedding decorations in this topic!

4. Dinning Table Design

A dinning table in desert color will be your first choice for your wedding. What’s more, cloth and lace in desert color can decorate it perfectly. Looks lovely?

5. Lightnings

In the desert, the temperature is often very high. So you’d better start your wedding time at dusk. These lovely star lightnings will help you create an unique atmosphere!

6. Family Members and Friends

It is a great feeling to share your happiness with your family members and friends, especially in this special place. We bet not just you two but they will have an eternal memory!