Summer Outdoor Wedding: Flowers Decorate a Charming Bride

Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

Diamonds and pearls are often used to decorate bride’s hair in the wedding. However, flowers can style a fresher and more moving wedding!

Now more and more people like fresh things and natural life. The blooming flowers can also symbolize your love. Sounds great? Yeah, Let’s look at some flower hairstyles together! If you choose this simple but not ordinary hairstyle, small white and blue flowers can be added as another charming element! Wavy hair is perfect with garland. You can choose small flowers instead of big flowers like rose and lily to make one garland! Looks lovely?

White flowers match lace wedding dresses most! Green leaves can be added to turn you into a forest princess! If you are art sensitive, you can choose to design a flower hairstyle with your hair style designer. We bet you will gain a lot of attentions from it! Last, do not forget your cute flower girl. Decorate her with garland too! Hey, look good?