Top 8 Outdoor Wedding Ideas

THEMES & COLORS Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

Wedding ceremonies and receptions have changed so much throughout the years. There are always new ideas and new trends popping up. One of the major things that have changed in my opinion is where the wedding celebration will be held. Usually ones first thought is that a wedding is held at a church/ synagogue/ temple or a town hall. Be surprised that there are so many other places nowadays to tie the knot. Here are my top eight outdoor wedding ideas!

1. Forest

Birds chirping, leaves rustling in the wind, the play of light and shadow among the branches. Weddings held in forests have something mystical and intimate about them. It does not matter if you just enjoy the scenery or are an outdoor lover, forest weddings can be for everyone. By adding flowers to your venue you can add a pop of color to the mainly green/ brown color scheme. If marrying in Autumn this is not necessary due to the changing of the colors on leaves but it is certainly a nice add on. 


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2. Desert

When thinking of deserts, endless miles of sand dunes and a vast horizon may come to mind. There are actually many types of deserts and not all are as plain as the Sahara. Many deserts have a lot of flora; let it be a variety of grass types, bushes or cacti. A great flower arrangement idea would be succulents. Desert weddings offer a great view for sunrises and sunsets and these might be the best times to have the ceremony as it can get very hot.


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3. Mountain

If you would like to feel as if you are on the top of the world in your dream wedding dress, a mountain wedding might be just for you. The view is simply breathtaking and the flowing winds can give you a feeling of freedom. Not all mountains require a hike; there might be gondolas or roads leading to your destination without breaking into a sweat.


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4. Beach

Beach weddings are one of the most popular settings for a wedding ceremony. The soft sand, sound of waves and fresh ocean breeze automatically give you a feeling of relaxation and a sense of vacation. Evening sunsets are beautiful to look at and a bonfire might be the best way to end the night. Who wouldn’t want to stick their toes in the sand and enjoy the midnight sky?


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5. Lake

If you would like to combine a water and forest setting, a lake ceremony is just for you. Lakes are very calm and secluded. Not only does a lake play as a great location but also offers many free time possibilities for you and your guests, e.g. hiking or paddle boating. Lakes sometimes offer small islands that can be booked for special occasions.


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6. Prairie/Meadow

Ceremonies held in the countryside are great for but not limited to rustic themed weddings. Meadows with high grass or crop work as a great backdrop for pictures. Wildflowers are a nice addition to the floral arrangement. Prairie weddings are great for the summertime and offer you the space you need if you have many guests attending.


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7. Canyon

If you have ever been to the Grand Canyon, you can probably recall how enormous and breathtaking it really is. The vibrant red of the earth and the calm river are truly one of a kind. The ceremony can be held either deep in the valley or on top of the plateau. Many canyons are located on reservations, so it is advisable to do some research beforehand.


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8. Jungle

Jungles and rain forests provide a lot of saturated green plants and trees. Due to the density of the jungle the location may feel isolated which will give the ceremony the intimacy that it needs. Vibrant flowers can certainly add a splash of color. Beautiful jungles and rainforests can be found all around the world.

The beauty about getting married is that each wedding is unique and memorable in its own way; let that be in a church, amusement park or on a cruise ship. Sometimes you might be seeking for something hard to reach although you might have the perfect location right in front of your eyes. Whatever you choose it will be the right choice.


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