Transform Your Bridal Business with Cocomelody

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Weddings are changing, and they are changing for good. However, the traditional bridal businesses may still be stuck in the past with limited styles and sizes, let alone the opportunity to customize the attire. But, Cocomelody is an exception. We offer diverse options and accommodate most dress sizes as well as tastes.

We understand that shopping habits are evolving, the so-called gold standards are changing, and brides don’t have the time to start bridal shopping months in advance. Such a shift in consumer behaviors has hit offline boutique stores pretty hard. Besides, the retail business has drastically changed with the advent of the pandemic.

Cocomelody has the vision to transform the bridal industry with an omnichannel, made-to-measure wedding dress approach. If you are a new-age entrepreneur looking to make a valuable investment in the industry, the good news is we can help. 

The outmoded bridal industry has made room for a new breed of design specialists blurring traditional and contemporary lines. We are here to make our way through this widening gap and offer today’s brides an unmatched bridal shopping experience.

Why Partner With Cocomelody?

The wedding industry is massive and only seems to be growing. Thus, setting up a bridal store in such a profitable industry seems like a lucrative option for many. If you, too, are looking to take a piece from the bridal industry pie, it might not be too difficult to get started.

However, the key to selling wedding dresses is finding someone from whom you can source quality dresses. And Cocomelody may be able to put an end to your search.

There are so many options to get your stocks from. But Cocomelody offers the advantage of partnering with an industry leader. What else? Our bridal business partners get:

  • Decentralized supply chain
  • Competitive wholesale pricing
  • Custom designs flexibility
  • Shorter production times
  • Professional brand training
  • Boost in online and offline sales
  • High commissions on every dress

Experience the Cocomelody Difference

Today, more than 90% of the brides prefer owning an exclusive wedding dress on their special day. However, finding the perfect dress, in the right size, at the right time, and on a budget is quite challenging. Jason Fan, head of global business development at Cocomelody, shares that it takes months of toing and froing until to-be brides say yes to a dress. But, we help you in every way to ease that process, expand your reach, and set a firm foot in newer markets.

OmniChannel Approach

We offer an omnichannel retail experience, i.e., offline stores and online platform, to provide affordable and customizable wedding dresses and accessories.

Quality Products

Our collections come in white, black, and many more. We design especially with modern brides in mind. But that doesn’t mean traditional bridal wear goes out of the window. We have a wide variety and can accommodate different tastes at varying budgets. Bridal wear is our forte, and so is quality assurance. We also offer tailored-to-fit wedding dresses, so growing your business with Cocomelody becomes even easier.

Better Opportunities

When you partner with Cocomelody, you get the chance to work on a proven business model. It helps you create the best possible traffic flow and an extraordinary customer experience. We also train your crew to enhance communication and make the most of the available resources.

Personalized Marketing Plans

We have an in-house marketing team that provides personalized marketing plans for its partners. You get the chance to build your own webpage under and accelerate sales both in-store and online.

Partnership Support

Our partners benefit from 24/7 partnership support on website development, order system, deliveries, payment gateways, and data analysis. We are available through live chat support to help you boost your bridal business.

Use Cocomelody as Your Direct Brand Supplier

Unlike most traditional bridal stores, Cocomelody stocks items keeping the needs of brides-to-be in mind. However, we also consider the needs of our retail partners as an intricate part of the industry. Thus, connecting with us allows you to set yourself apart from many others and do so exquisitely.

Cocomelody offers incredible value and the highest quality bridal dresses, shoes, and accessories at a price point others cannot reach. We also offer bridesmaid dresses and formal dresses.

If you are looking to add new brands to your stock/ store, Cocomelody embodies unique and top-notch styles for every bride. Sign up today, and one of our sales representatives will walk you through the details.