Wedding Veil Guide

Wedding Dresses 101 | By:cocomelody

When you are preparing for your tailor-made bridal look, perhaps the first thing comes to your mind is the wedding veil. As an ideal accessory to your wedding dress, veil that matches your style can be the icing on the cake!

When it comes to the style, do you have an idea how many types of veils there are and where to begin to find the one you want? Today, we have made a category of common veil styles and would like to help you figure out what suits you best.


Dress Style: #LD3932
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1. Birdcage Veils

Birdcage veils are short and vintage. And by lightly covering ladies’ forehead, it enables brides to be looked elegant and dreamy. Besides, with its simple form, birdcage veil is easy to wear and take off.

2. Shoulder Veils

Shoulder veil is actually shoulder length veil, usually about 18″ – 22″ long and would just fall about at your shoulder.

3. Elbow Veils

An elbow veil, elbow length veil, usually 25″ – 30″ long and would just fall about at your elbow. In many cases, the classic and sweet elbow veil is the optimum style for beautiful brides.

4. Fingertip Veils

A fingertip veil, finger length veil, usually falls beyond the bride’s hips. With a fingertip veil, any special design on the back of gown can easily be seen. Owing to this, this kind of veil has always been brides’ favored one.


Dress Style: #CWZT15008

5. Waist Veils

Waist length veil sometimes is also called as 54″ veil. The length of the veil is about waist, no longer than the fingertips.

6. Chapel Veils

The length of the chapel veil just covers the skirt of wedding dress, leaving people with an elegant and romantic impression.

7. Cathedral Veils

Cathedral veil, nearly 90inches long, is always longer than wedding dress and drapes onto the floor. In most occasions, people regard it as the graceful and gorgeous veil.


Dress Style: Combination of #LD3681 & #LD3943, Veil Style: #CV001500A 

8. Waltz Veils

Waltz veil, also called as ballerina veil, is designed to fall below fingertips but above the ground, regularly knee length. This type of veil is ideal for bride who is looking for a long veil, but not very into the chapel veil or cathedral veil.

Now how to choose the fitting veil? What are the standards?

Choosing the perfect veil may consider a combination of two major factors.

The first one is what style your wedding dress is. Actually, those elements like the wedding atmosphere and environment are not as important as you thought. 

You may know that the combination of veils and wedding dresses usually follows a principle: long gown always with short veil, vice visa. Otherwise you may “break the balance in beauty”.

What does it mean? I would give you some examples as further complement.

For example, if you choose short wedding dresses, try not to choose a veil with a shorter length. At this moment, you may choose the elbow veil, which allows you to be looked young and energetic.

By the same token, if you want to dress in a long wedding gown, the chapel veil or the waltz veil, which is longer than elbow, will be better for you.

As for the material of veil, it can be picked by keeping consistent with the wedding dress style. Choose lace veil when you have a lace wedding dress, and tulle veil with tulle dress.


Dress Style: #LD3906, Veil Style: #CV001500B

The second one is your face type.

#1 Round Faces: If your face is round, then go for a veil which can balance the roundness, making your face look smaller.

#2 Heart-shaped Faces: If you have a heart-shaped face, just like Scarlett Johansson, you may want wider-looked chin, so it is the best choice to wear a veil on your back.

#3 Oval Faces: Congratulations! Your face is well balanced, so you can choose any type of veil!

#4 Square Faces: If you have a square face, you’d better choose a long veil; this can help you soften the contours of the face.

Two more tips by the way: Preparing for the unexpected cases, you may have one or two additional veils as backups; if you have decided to wear a long veil for the ceremony, you may consider changing it into a short veil during the reception.