Which Type of Bride Are You?

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When it comes to planning for your big day, you have to ask yourself, what type of bride are you? You probably have an idea of how you would like to have your wedding, if it should take place in a luxurious castle or in the vast countryside, if you want a puffy ballgown dress or a sleek simple dress. There are so many styles, colors, decoration etc. to fit your own individual style but if you are having a hard time trying to find out, which bride you are, we will be going over the top 4 brides.

Which Type of Bride Are You?

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1. The Modern Bride

Modern brides are usually up-to-date with the newest trends and styles that trickle in from major fashion cities, e.g. Milan, Paris, New York. She does not want to miss out on the latest episode of “Sex in the City” and enjoys a coffee on the go, while she runs from one appointment to the other. The modern bride likes to keep it simple and chic. Her choice of dress would be something with silk, a bateau neckline and an open back that ends in a loosely tied knot. One statement piece can be added for more pizzazz. For her make up she wants to accentuate the eyes and keep the lips neutral, as for hair a sleek low bun will do the trick.

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2. The Bohemian Bride

Do you enjoy the outdoors and like to be in tune with nature? Do you love nostalgia and being a free spirit? Then you are probably a bohemian bride. These brides love to sulk in whimsical details, as well as being relaxed as a hippie. A must have for every bohemian bride is a dress that has lace detailing and a flowy vibe to it. Beautiful headpieces like flower crowns or dazzling earrings are a great addition. To round off the look keep your hair natural with soft tousled waves and your make up simple with a touch of pale pink on the eyes and lips and a lot of glow.

The Bohemian Bride Style: #LD5368

Style: #LD5368

3. The Classic Bride

Do you enjoy romantic classics like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or love traditions? Then you must be the classic bride. The classic bride enjoys keeping things how they were, even in an ever changing environment. She dreams of a big puffy dress or ball gown with beautiful lace and bead details that will certainly turn heads. Accessories are kept simple with pearl earrings and bracelets. A tiara can add a bit of drama. For hair you want to stick to the timeless old Hollywood glamour of a deep side part and brushed out finger waves. For make up a soft smoky eye will do wonders.

The Classic Bride LD5716

Style: #LD5716

4. The Rebel Bride

Do you enjoy breaking the rules and not sticking to traditions? Do you like doing things your way and adding your own twist to it? Then rock on, you are a rebel bride. The rebel bride does not want to be told how she has to live her life or at least how to manage her wedding. She will go for alternative options, e.g. instead of a 5 tier cake, maybe a cupcake option, 8inch heels, no way, how about some comfortable sneakers? Her wedding dress will certainly showcase her personality and style, let it be her favorite colors or being able to showcase your tattoo sleeve. Her hair will be in spunky yet tamed bun or side braid and her make will either accentuate her eyes or lips.

The Rebel Bride Style: #LD5830

Style: #LD5830

Of course there are many more bride types because each and every one of you is special and unique in your own way. You might be able to identify as one of these brides mentioned above or you might be a mix. What matters is that you stay true to yourself and what you feel most comfortable with!