Your Ultimate Guide To Wedding Dress Train Styles & Length

Wedding Dresses 101 | By:cocomelody

The term “train” refers to the extra length of fabric that extends from the back of your wedding gown and trails the floor as you walk creating a majestic appearance. Trains can be of varying lengths and different styles. It may be part of your wedding dress, a detachable accent or an overlay attached to your waist. If you’re confused about the different train styles- here’s what you need to know! 

Train Type Length
Sweep a foot or 6 inches long
Court extends about a foot longer than the sweep train
Chapel between 3.5 to 4.5 feet from the waist
Cathedral extends 6.5 to 7.5 feet from the waist
Extended Cathedral extends over 12 feet in length
Watteau a style of train that attaches to the top of the dress

1. Sweep

The sweep is one of the simplest train styles. Also called “brush,” it extends only about a foot or six inches long and is perfect for the simple, minimalistic bride. It works best on trumpet or mermaid wedding dress styles and is well suited to intimate weddings in small venues.

Style: #LD5830

2. Court

Court style train is similar to the sweep style but with a little extra grandeur. It extends about a foot longer than the sweep train. Moreover, it extends right from the waist giving an elegant, flowing look with a hint of drama.

Styles (from left to right): #LD5818 & #LD5817

3. Chapel

A chapel train is between three-and-a-half to four-and-a-half feet from the waist and is extremely popular among the brides. The length is just right, making it a little more dramatic than a sweep or court style train, yet easily manageable and less cumbersome as compared to  a full-length train. It works beautifully with an A-line silhouette or a ball gown.

Style: #LD5816

4. Cathedral

Cathedral trains are full-length trains that extend six-and-a-half to seven-and-a-half feet from the waist. It works best for formal weddings and fits perfectly in a dramatic venue. Owing to its length, you may require some assistance in managing it. Or you can opt for semi-cathedral trains that are slightly more shorter, about four-and-a-half to five-and-a-half feet in length, making it more manageable yet giving off the same effects as a cathedral train.

Style: #LD5787

5. Extended Cathedral

For those of you that are looking for something extra, your best option is the longest and the grandest of all trains- the extended cathedral. As the name suggests, it is an extended version of the cathedral train and extends over 12 feet in length. Also, known as “Royal” or “Monarch,” this train can add the ultimate princess feel to your wedding.  However, this is not for everyone or for every venue, so keep that in mind before you go for it. You can try a detachable version to allow you some comfort later into the wedding.

Style: #LD4349, Image Credit: Amer Nabulsi Photography

6. Watteau

With a Watteau train, you’re sure to be turning some heads at your wedding. This train attaches itself close to the shoulders, giving a cape-like effect and falls loosely on the hemline. You can totally skip the wedding veil if you’re opting for this train. Moreover, it’s detachable so you can easily remove it once the ceremony is over.

A detachable train is recommended so that you can easily remove it once you’ve made your grand entry and exit. However, in case you don’t have a detachable one, that’s where bustle comes in. A bustle is created by gathering some fabric behind the dress. Secured with hooks and buttons, they enable you to move freely throughout the day.

Style: #LD5766

A train is, no doubt, one of the most dramatic elements of the wedding gown that has the ability to transform your look.  So, choose wisely!