5 Different Types Of Bridesmaids You’ll Find At The Wedding

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One of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning process is that you will be able to share the experience with your wonderful bridesmaids, led by your Maid of Honor. After all, your girlfriends are the ones you can bank on when it comes to making your dream wedding come true. But who exactly are these lovely women you are letting into the most remarkable journey of your life?

It might come as a surprise (or maybe not) that not every member of your bride tribe is the same. Your attendants are a mix of fun and quirky personalities that will definitely shine through at your big day. Here, we have compiled a list of five different types of bridesmaids that you will find at every wedding and the ones you should be prepared for! Because while we wish everything about chalking out a wedding was elementary and predictable, it certainly will not hurt to be prepared for every situation.

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1. The wedding planner

This girl is all about details. She has got the entire wedding planned to perfection. Efficiency and order are her forte and she knows all the tips and tricks too well. When she is around, there is no issue that cannot be worked out. Is someone shedding tears? Well, guess who has a bunch of tissues handy! This is the girl you can pin your hopes on to keep the show on the road. She has got your back.

2. The party animal

She is the wild one – your very own Samantha Jones. She is always looking for any excuse for a party. She is the one who bongs red wine before the rehearsal dinner and will almost always be the last to bed. You can be sure that she will be drunk as a monkey for most of the wedding. But you know what? She is the one who will help you let your hair down when all of the planning gets too demanding!

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3. The calming soul

Amen for this wonderful girlfriend! She is always so calm, cool and collected, thereby calming you down – especially when your wedding details start to faze you. She is your pillar, in that she knows you best and understands just what you need. If you start getting out of hand with your bridezilla notions, she will be the one to pick you up and keep you in your right mind. Whether it is by simply listening to you rant, being a shoulder you can cry on or just offering some reassuring words of advice, she will let you know everything is going to be flawless!

4. The always annoyed

There is one in every group. This girl is always grumpy and annoyed, at every single thing! She shudders at the gorgeous convertible bridesmaid dresses that everybody else is smitten with; she dislikes the décor and god forbid if the partier came to the rehearsal dinner at the tail end! She may be a bit of a Squidward and she may complain a lot, but do not let the comments that come out of her mouth discourage you. She loves you and is only ruffled because she wants nothing but the best for you. Besides, her presence can make sure that nobody is running late to the rehearsals, so there you go!

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5. The emotional one

Yes, you are the bride and it is your big day BUT there is someone who is somehow being more emotionally moved by everything. This girl is kind of sensitive. And by kind of, we mean she is really sensitive. She finds everything beautiful – whether that be your wedding gown, her own western bridesmaid dress or the venue. For her, you may want to keep a box of tissues handy. Of course, her overcharged personality is largely born out of joy – she is just over the moon because you are happy and things are turning out just as you wanted.

Your relationship with your bridesmaids is a very special one. Sure, they all have contrasting personalities, and some of them may be living it up a little too much, but they are your crazy best friends. These wonderful women will no doubt calm your anxiety and stand with you in the most special day of your life.