6 Alternative Ways of First Looks

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When it comes to the first look, one usually does not see the other partner a day prior to the wedding day and usually first when the music starts and the bride walks down the aisle. There is always a moment of surprise and anticipation for both the groom and guests. First looks always build a suspense for both partners that are about to embark on one of the biggest journeys of their lives. If you would like to try something out of the norm, you might want to look into one of these alternative first looks.

6 Alternative Ways of First Looks

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1. First Song

For the musicians amongst you, this one is for you. If you play an instrument and either know how to write your own music, can play by ear or read chords, it would be a beautiful gesture to serenade your future wife or vice versa with a meaningful piece. The beauty about music is whenever you hear that song in the future, it will automatically transfer you back to the big day.

a beautiful gesture to serenade your future wife

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2. First Touch

A very intimate and caring moment is when you have not seen each other and decide to reach out your hand around a corner or door without being visible to the other person. Being one of the five senses, a touch can mean so much and spark so much energy between two people in love. If you are religious or spiritual this might also be a wonderful moment to exchange prayers.

a wonderful moment to exchange prayers

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3. First Gift or Card Exchange

Exchanging a gift or a card is also a popular alternative. Gifts can include anything from keepsakes from your first date to a special reveal, e.g. pregnancy. Cards are also nice to exchange because they are very personal and you can express your feelings in words and can always look back at them.

Exchanging a gift or a card is also a popular alternative


4. First Read

If reading your vows in front of a large crowd is not your thing, having a secluded vow reading might be just for you. This way you do not have to worry about stumbling over words, sweaty hands or hundreds of eyes staring at you. This is a moment that you two can cherish in peace and a promise that only the two of you will know.

having a secluded vow reading


5. Wedding Gown First Look

Sometimes a first look does not have to involve both partners at the same time or seeing each other the first time down the aisle. An easy and casual first look that still has that surprise factor is arriving to the venue and walking towards your future spouse all made up in your beautiful wedding gown. Usually this moment is not just captured by the both of you but also your guests.

wedding gown first look

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6. First Look with a Twist

If you are daring and love a good laugh, surprise your groom by having your hair and makeup done but not wearing your wedding dress but rather some comfy pajamas or an everyday look or if you are really up for it, how about no makeup and a sleek ponytail. It is something he will see every day and has probably seen many countless times before but will certainly not expecting on your big day!

It does not matter if you decide to stick to the traditional or alternative first look, or throw it out all together; what matters is the love that you share with your significant other, enjoying this special day and the rest of your lives together. And as with everything in life, there will be many more first moments that you will be able to share.