7 Tips to Make a Stress-Free Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Tips & Guidance | By:cocomelody

Shopping for the perfect bridesmaid dresses can be an overwhelming task. Is it actually plausible to find one style of dress that coordinates with your wedding gown, complements your wedding theme, is universally figure flattering and is not too expensive? Most likely not! But you can get pretty close to reaching all your goals as long as you are prepared. Let these shopping tips guide you in finding gorgeous bridesmaid dresses that will make you and your attendants happy.


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1) Do not start looking for dresses for your attendants until you have finalized your own bridal gown. It is really putting the cart before the horse to shop for your bridesmaid dresses when you have not yet decided what you are going to wear. After all, you do not want to be in the position of looking for a wedding gown that looks splendid with what your girls are wearing; it should always be the other way around.

2) That being said, you should not be too lazy either. You should aim to pick out the bridesmaid dress no less than 6 months ahead of the wedding, so you can have enough time to change or tailor the gown if necessary. Not to mention most stores stock only a few colors in each style, so if they run out of stock, you have to wait for some time.

3) It is recommended that you be mindful of the wedding season before choosing the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses. If it is a winter wedding, you can look at dresses in vibrant and bold colors like red or purple. You can also consider ombre dresses and dazzling gowns with sparkling details. On the other hand, if the wedding is held in summer or spring, you can opt for lace bridesmaid dresses in an elegant shade of pink, fresh aqua blue or green, classic gray, flattering turquoise, rose, or other types of pastels. One rule you should keep in mind is that you should always pick the color that suits your bridesmaids’ skin tones best. 


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4) How much input do you want when shopping for the dress? If you are open to a wide range of choices, then getting opinions from your girls is wonderful. It goes without saying; your bridesmaids will not appreciate being excluded from the planning process. That being said, unless your friends have remarkably similar penchants and body types, the odds that they will all fall in love with the same dress are slim to none.

5) In case you cannot arrive at a conclusion, rather than having a whole entourage being at odds over which dress to settle on, take just one or two of your girls when you go shopping. If you want all of your bridesmaids to feel like they have a say, though, narrow the choices down to top two or three and then put it to a vote. Go for the dress that gets the most votes.

6) If you want to do your shopping online, then it is easier and more convenient than visiting a shop. The options are endless when it comes to online shopping; you can easily find anything for your girls, including infinity dresses, elegant lace styles, mix and match bridesmaid dresses and more – in all sizes, styles, and colors. Again, do not exhaust your time plowing through hundreds of gowns. You need to have a style of bridesmaid dress in your mind and please don’t forget to order some fabric swatches to confirm the color you want before you go online.


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7) Lastly, keep your bridesmaids’ budget in mind. Not only will they have to pay for their bridesmaid dress, but also the coordinating shoes, appropriate undergarments, jewelry sets, and perhaps even a hair and makeup session. Try to find a dress that everyone can meet the expense of or at least one that will not absolutely kill them to buy. If you do find a style that is just perfect but slightly on the higher-end, take the sting out of it by gifting your girls the accessories, such as jewelry sets, shoes, and wraps.

The fact is, you genuinely cannot please everyone all the time, but if you set out for the shopping process with a straightforward plan, you should at least be able to find a bridesmaid dress that pleases most of the wedding party – and most importantly, relieves you of the stress.