7 Winter Wonderland Colors for Bridesmaid Dresses

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The air is getting cooler, holiday decorations are going up and family gatherings become more frequent. Winter is coming with full force. Some of you might have already experienced the first snow of the year. Who knows, maybe your wedding will take place in a Winter wonderland. You might have already chosen your sparkling white dress but have you thought about what your bridesmaids will be wearing? A rule of thumb: the colder the weather, the longer the dress. Now that we have that clarified, let us look at the beautiful selection of colors that are available for your bridesmaids, so they look stunning next to you!

1. Velvet Red

The color red is one of the most festive hues out there. So why not choose it for your bridesmaids? Red looks great on any complexion and is a great contrast to the white wedding dress you will be wearing. Some might consider red to be an aggressive color but when choosing the right hue, it brings a lively vibrancy into the picture.

Styles (from left to right): #COZK16005, #COZF1401F, #COZK16004, #COZF1500F & #COZF1500E

2. Blush Pink

Soft beiges and blush pinks have been the hype of this year. Blush pink is a very soft color and very feminine. This color will certainly flatter any bridesmaids. Dresses made of chiffon, tulle or organza will give it that special lightness. The contrast of this color might not be as stark as the other colors mentioned in this article but will compliment the brides wedding dress just lovely.

Style: #LD3932

3. Forest Green

A gorgeous color for the Winter months is a deep Emerald green. This saturated color is one of the newcomers and will be here to stay! Not only does the color compliment the wearer but has a certain elegance to it. This hue is very classy and contemporary.

Styles (from left to right): #COZF1500B & #COZF1401E, Image Credit: Martin bulmer

4. Navy Blue

You cannot go wrong with navy blue. This color is truly a classic and will forever be timeless. Navy blue is a strong color that symbolizes strength and independence. The wearer of a dress in this hue will automatically hold herself differently, almost with a certain pride.

Styles ( from left to right): #COZK16005 & #LD5054

5. Deep Purple

There certainly will not be any rain with purple dresses. Purple bridesmaid dresses are a new and modern take on the classic navy blue. Purple stands for loyalty and trust and is a great color to incorporate with your bridesmaids.

Style: #COZF14002

6. Icey Grey

The chilly cool breeze of a winter’s gust of wind might make you shiver but the icey grey color is great for any Winter wedding. The mix of grey and hint of blue hue is the perfect combination for this steel color. This grey is a neutral color like the pink blush or beige and can be worn at various festivities.

Styles (from left to right): #COEF16001& #ld3905, Image Credit: Myonelove

7. Burgundy

One of my favorite colors of this Winter palette is the deep an rich color of burgundy. Like fine wine it is an eye catcher. This color has a certain warmth to it and makes any bride’s dress pop. Burgundy like it’s counterpart red, is also a festive color, great for Fall and Winter weddings.

  Styles (from left to right)#COZF17010, #COZM15016,  #LWXT16001,  #COZK16008 & #COZF1500E