8 Tips for a Vintage Themed Wedding

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You’re getting married! Congratulations! While you still can’t call it a day fantasizing about your fiancé’s hopefully oh-so-romantic proposal, I’m sure you are well informed that planning a wedding is no simple feat. As such, it’s always best to be in the know of the several things you may need to do, plan and just think about.

Okay, so you know you want a vintage style wedding, well that is a great start. But as for the details, you still don’t know what to do or where to start. Yes, you can flick through some magazines containing the most spectacular vintage wedding ideas; but that is only the tip of the iceberg. An exceptionally stylish vintage wedding is beyond just the well-fitted wedding dresses, pale veils, and captivating accessories. It is about the mood, feel and ambiance of the entire day.


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Planning for Your Vintage Wedding   

You may want to have a complete vintage feel on your wedding or prefer more of a modern one with a dab of a vintage twist here and there. It’s absolutely your call. Following are eight tips that can guide you in planning for that beautiful day:

1. Look at some samples of vintage wedding invitations

Your wedding invitation is the best tool you can use to fill in your guests about your theme. You may choose to customize your invites to look like telegraphs, old photographs, or any striking item from your favored era.

2. Pick a vintage wedding style (there are many)

Before deciding on any dress, it’s always great to get yourself well-known with the numerous vintage wedding styles and then determine which one you want. In the 1920s, for example, lace, silks, and netting were pretty in demand. Then, in the ‘30’s, sparkling rhinestones were all the rage. The ‘40’s brides loved to display a chic look by donning padded shoulders, sweetheart necklines, and long point sleeves. Ballerina gowns were well received in the 1950s and the Bohemian lifestyle was the craze in the ‘60s and the ‘70s.

3. Pick the right wedding dress

The vintage style dresses have always been highly glamorous. You can choose wedding gowns with touches of lace, ruffles, gemstones, elaborate trains and close fitting around the waist. They will go well with anybody and add a sense of magnetism and tranquility to your vintage wedding look.


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4. Go for the right footwear

Endearing and sophisticated ballet shoes with white netting and pearls can add an elegant touch to your vintage wedding outfit and add that sense of femininity. You can also check out the glittering pointed heels. These will polish off your outfit with more of high market flair. A hint of colored gems, pearls or even bows on shoes will add a snappy finish and perfect your wedding look.

5. Choose the right headpieces

Your vintage wedding dress is not complete without the symbolic veil. Free flowing and graceful, they will fine-tune your outfit to a spectacular end. You may want to go for a timeless crystal headpiece for an ideal finishing touch without being elaborate.

6. Complement your look with classic accessories

One thing to bear in mind here is that you want to set off the full vintage wedding image without overdoing it. Sure, do make yourself stand out and add that bit of color – but don’t go overboard with them. Limit your options for accessories between sapphire, pearl, and rhinestones because they’re just the perfect fit for a vintage theme.

7. The choice of colors can make a difference

Without the right colors, your wedding theme will not be able to convey what it is supposed to. As a matter of choice, you should go for light or pastel colors as accents. Ivory, for example, is one such color and has long been a staple color of the vintage wedding theme. Avoid bright shades as they scream “modern”.


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8. Get your bridesmaids in on the action too

Your bridesmaids can don lace bridesmaid dresses or blush bridesmaid dresses, brooches or other antique style headpieces with netting or feathers to top off the vintage look. Old-fashioned jewelry is always a great complement: have a go at strands of pearls, dangling earrings or a cameo ring.

There you have it; some simple vintage wedding ideas that can help you in planning for your big day. And while you may still go back to the memories of your fiancé’s proposal, you may likewise daydream of your upcoming vintage themed wedding! And hey, don’t forget to take wise action, do your research and most importantly, go with your gut instinct, this way you will be able to turn your wedding day dreams into reality.