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Entrepreneuship Wedding Dresses 101 | By:cocomelody

Are you a bridal store owner looking to add more value to your brand? Or, are you planning a new store altogether? Partnership in the bridal industry is a great way to grow your business. Both small and big businesses utilize this approach to drive better sales and create happy, loyal customers. Wondering how you can also do so?

At Cocomelody, we can help you evolve your setup without going crazy in the process. Our Consignment Program supports bridal shop owners and new startups to increase their sample dresses stock and expand the business with the right strategies.

Partnering With an Industry Leader

Associating with an already established partner like Cocomelody may be a wise choice for many retailers. We understand the audience and the various bridal products and accessories. Our industry experts help provide a better experience for the ultimate customers as well as our partners.

With Cocomelody, you get consistent support from our team to covert more clients. We offer you the needed expertise, tools, and resources to prevent your business from getting obsolete or stagnant. It only positions your name as a thought leader in the network and helps capture a broader audience.

We help you create a win-win partnership, stock on trendy and traditional stuff and generate sales through an omnichannel approach. If this sounds relatable, it is time to make a mutually beneficial business partnership with Cocomelody to deliver predictable and consistent growth.

Bridal Shop Owners

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to grow your bridal business is to expand your offerings in the market. If there is a decline in profits or you find yourself hitting the ceiling, strategic partnerships with other like-minded companies will benefit both sides. It opens you up for greater prospects, products, and resources.

When you collaborate with Cocomelody, you can take advantage of our Silver Retailer to Platinum Retailer programs. These programs help strengthen your in-store efficiency and extend your reach to even more brides-to-be. Ultimately, you can make more money and save time in the process.

New Startups

For new startups, it is pretty challenging to find the right partner. Much research goes into discovering a prospective partner for a successful alliance. But well, if you are already here, Cocomelody is the name to trust to help you set a strong foundation for a long-term business association.

Our new store partners leverage the Premier Retailer program to offer comprehensive services to their customers. Through the power of smart and strategic alliances, you can extend your business capabilities beyond your internal resources. It further helps you multiply your money-making opportunities. The collaboration possibilities are endless, and we work together with ultra-efficiency.

More Benefits

How can we help you make your store more achievable? Our exclusive partnership program offers extraordinary benefits and does not let you get caught up in the wild chase of entrepreneurship. With such strategic partnerships, you can keep your business thriving. Apart from the above, here are some more benefits you get when you collaborate with the Cocomelody team:

  • Zero costs on sample dresses
  • Diverse wedding dress styles
  • Virtual inventory on the website
  • Well-equipped in-store facilities
  • Fulfil reorder commitment
  • Guaranteed sales profit
  • Higher commissions (up to 60%) for both online and offline channels
  • Webpage build-up under to earn gain-sharing on traffic

Besides, here are more details on our Consignment Program for Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Premier Retailers. When done correctly, your strategic business partnership with Cocomeldoy will exchange and extract enhanced value for your business.

Cocomelody partner program

1) Style includes best seller and 2022 AW new collection, which are limited and subject to change.
2) Fulfil reorder commitment, Sales Profit Guaranteed, Higher Commission rate
3) Webpage under, Gain-Sharing the traffic & Extra commission
4) Cooperate with Marketing package, SEO provided, Bride Appointment Guaranteed

Are you ready to consider a strategic partnership? Cocomelody Consignment Program is the way forward.

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