How to choose a well-behaved ring bearer for your wedding?

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It may sound like a broken record at this point but planning for your wedding is anything but easy. Unless you are fully prepared (and honestly, even if you are fully prepared), you may forget to attend to some of your most crucial wedding preparation needs – like the veil to complement your wedding gown, the bouquet and the wedding rings, or more precisely, who will carry them.

We know that a significant amount of time, effort and money go into picking out wedding rings. Of course, no couple can cope with the emotional (and financial) stress of a broken or lost ring on their wedding day, which is why you need to choose a well-behaved ring bearer who is cautious enough to handle your rings during the ceremony. But how can you possibly ensure whether the little one you have chosen to be your ring bearer can conduct himself or herself in an appropriate manner? Well, here are some tips that might come in handy.

How to choose a well-behaved ring bearer for your wedding?

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1. Consider the child’s age

So you have made up your mind that your 2-year-old nephew will be your ring bearer? Amazing! We are sure everyone in attendance will go “aww…” as he toddles down the aisle. But no matter how adorable the whole picture may look in your head, remember that the younger your ring bearer is, the more it would be challenging to control them. So, make sure that the ring bearer is ‘old’ enough to take care of your wedding ring. Etiquette states you should choose a ring bearer who is at least four or five years old.

2. Consider his personality

No matter how much you want a special child to be a part of your big day, it is not fair to them if you fail to first consider their personality. In addition, their excitement on being asked to play a part in your wedding party is no indication of how well they can handle the responsibility. Remember, a young child responds mostly to the excitement of your voice, so you will get a happy “YAYY!” from them whether you ask, “Do you want to be my ring bearer?” or “Want to help me find the right mortgage?” Ensure success by choosing a child who is:

Confident: Your ring bearer may plop down mid-aisle and express his displeasure at the top of his voice. This actually happens more often than you would like to think. While it may be humorous to your guests, you would probably want things to move smoothly on to the main event. To avoid your ring bearer from freezing or bolting, make sure they are not too shy and can handle being in the spotlight.

Consider his personality

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Patient: Ask yourself whether the child you have chosen can stay in their seat all throughout the wedding ceremony? After all, their task is not only to walk down the aisle with the rest of the entourage looking all adorable, but also to bring the wedding rings to the priest or celebrant to be blessed and worn by you and your partner. The little angel must be able to give the rings on cue. You do not want everyone looking for the rings and the ring bearer right at this time, do you?

Not too playful: Your ring bearer’s mind should be in the ceremony and not looking for chums inside. The church is not a playground. In addition, you wish for a solemn wedding, which you can only have if you pick a kid who is not too full of beans.

Consider the child’s age

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3. Ask their parents for help

Once you have a child in mind for the ring bearer role, talk to their mommy or daddy and ask them to help you keep the little one calm and orderly on the big day. The presence of one of the parents may help the child feel secure and curb any potential misbehavior. You can ask the parents to keep a watchful eye on the child and the rings. After all, kids are kids and there are a million things that can catch their attention.

The last word

Remember, in the end, they are just children and children are kind of unpredictable. Add in an audience and all that excitement and you might have a meltdown on your hands. So, expect the unexpected, but do not let anything ruin the way your ceremony proceeds. Wear your dream wedding dress – whether that be a ball gown wedding dress or an A-line wedding dress, look beautiful, feel beautiful, be satisfied that everything turned out wonderfully and just enjoy the day!