How to keep your wedding as simple as possible?

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Do you want a wedding that feels more like a celebration of your union rather than an extravaganza? If yes, then you must try to keep your wedding details as simple as possible. A simple, intimate wedding with a small group of friends and family will allow you to genuinely enjoy your big day without the anxiety that comes with entertaining hundreds of guests.

No matter how simple, when planning your wedding, you will no doubt need some guidance and a lot of hand-holding. So, we are here with some important tips to help you plan a simple and beautiful wedding.

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1. Guests, guests, guests

We know it is your big day, and you are so overwhelmed with joy that you are ready to shout it from the rooftops for everyone to hear. But, in your excitement, do not arbitrarily begin inviting everyone you are in talking terms with. While cutting that distant cousin Sylvia or your great aunt Eva whom you last saw when you were five years old is tough, paring down your guest list will be worth it.

2. Consider a destination wedding

What better way to ensure your wedding is a simple celebration than by having it far from home? Having a destination wedding will immediately pare down your guest list as only the closest friends and family members who are willing to travel the distance will be in attendance. Plus, it will offer you an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel together with people you love the most.

3. A no-fuss wedding gown

Your wedding is set simple, so it would look a little out of place if you were in something ultra fancy. But what counts as a simple dress? Simple wedding dresses are just that, simple. You will know it when you see it; it is little or no embellishments and not a lot of beading, trim, lace or any other type of adornments. There is no fancy train either; the most common silhouette for this type of dress is A-line. An A-line wedding dress has a fitted bodice and flows out from the waist down and looks absolutely stunning. When it comes to buying simple wedding dresses, online shopping is the way to go. Online stores carry a good selection of simple yet sophisticated wedding gowns, so you can pretty much find one on any budget.

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4. An intimate venue

Forget massive churches, overused reception halls, and huge ballrooms, and consider more creative and simple places to get married like a chapel, garden, historical house or building, inn, bed and breakfast, winery, art gallery or even your favorite restaurant. Sure, these are not your typical wedding venues, but with a little bit of creativity and some thoughtful planning, you can transform these venues into the perfect setting for your wedding.

5. DIY invitations

Most readymade invites are impersonal. DIY wedding invites, on the other hand, have a sentimental aspect. DIY wedding invites are a fun, creative and unique way of giving your wedding a flair and style that will stand out from other weddings. Do away with the bland and generic design of store-bought invites and go for DIYs.

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6. Keep your bridal party small

A large bridal party for your simple, intimate wedding is not going to go well. Coordinating with them can be stressful. It makes more sense to keep your bridal party small so that you can celebrate your big day stress-free. But what if you have a lot of siblings or too many close friends from whom to choose? Well, there is no law that you have to have bridesmaids! You can opt not to have any type of bridal party.

7. Even the small details matter

Just because you are having a ‘simple’ wedding does not mean you can afford to turn a blind eye to a few small details. In fact, you need to pay more attention to every aspect of your big day as there is not going to be a dense crowd or extravagant gestures to disguise unattended details. Your tiny list of guests will notice every detail of your wedding day.

It is easy to get caught up in the idea of a fancy wedding and all the trappings but if you want to look back on having a great time with your friends and family and not the stress of planning your wedding, it is best to have a simple, stress-free wedding.