How to Plan the Ultimate Fairytale Wedding?

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Most girls watch or read fairytales and envisage that they too will walk down the aisle to their prince charming in their magnificent bridal gown feeling like a real fairytale princess. So, it is only natural for girls to grow up and wanting to have a magical fairytale wedding. If you are one of them, your long-lived fantasy can now finally turn into a reality. Fairytale-themed weddings are truly a sight to behold and planning them can be a very exciting experience as well.

The best part about having a fairytale wedding is that you can let your imagination guide you as you plan. Of course, your fairytale wedding should make for an atmosphere of royalty and charm but that is not nearly as challenging as you would imagine it to be. There is absolutely no limit to the creative ideas you can incorporate in every aspect of your big day to make it fabulous. So here we present to you a few tips and suggestions that you can use to make your wedding look like it came straight out of a fairytale book.

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1. The location

First and foremost, you need to choose a venue that goes with your overall theme. As with fairytale weddings from storybooks, you can settle on either a ballroom reception venue or a garden. If your budget allows, you can also consider renting grand mansions full of traditional splendor and characteristic style. Plus, some mansions even have large spiral staircases that you can use for your princess-like entrance.

2. The dress

Perhaps the most exciting part about planning such a wedding is looking for fairytale-themed wedding gowns and hopefully finding the perfect one to wear. Finding a dress that goes along with your wedding theme is important, even more so when the theme is fairytale inspired. When choosing that perfect wedding dress, you should be after something sophisticated yet glamorous, think A line wedding dresses or ball gowns. If you are willing to go the extra mile for a full-out princess look, do not forget to wear a tiara, opera-length gloves, and a floor length veil. If you have the budget, more power to you, but otherwise stick with what is easily achievable. Online stores, with their impressive selection and affordable prices, are a great place to look for your wedding gown.

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3. The décor

Other than the venue and your gown, the main component of your beautiful and memorable fairytale wedding ceremony lies in the décor of the wedding venue. Consider decorating your venue with red roses, ribbons, and bows reflective of a majestic setting. For your wedding centerpieces, you can use sparkling ice sculptures, candelabras and towering vases filled with beautiful floral arrangements.

4. The bridesmaid dresses

The next thing to think about is your bridesmaid dresses. If you want to go the whole way with the fairytale theme then modern bridesmaid dresses may not help you achieve the goal. If possible, try to get dresses that blend with the “sort of” period look of your wedding as well as your own wedding gown. Most importantly, keep them simple.

5. The cake

The cake is another great way to show off your fairytale theme and really have people enjoy a taste of the magical day. If your budget allows, get a cake made to look like a castle with steps leading up to the top. Most pastry chefs will be able to design a cake like this. If you are going to a bakery, you will most likely have just as much luck in getting exactly what you want, but be sure to also have an image of it so that all the details can be included.

6. The invitation

Last, but certainly not least, are the Wedding Invitations. The invitation is a key element in introducing your guests to your fairytale-themed wedding. In your invitation, you can feature elements like carriages, castles or glass slippers, all of which depict a fairytale theme.

Having a fairytale wedding has many advantages as it gives you a wider selection of choices and opportunities to use your own vision and creativity to create a ceremony that is both unique and spectacular. We hope the above-mentioned tips and suggestions will help you plan and put together a fairytale wedding ceremony that is not only picturesque but creative and special.