Hurricane Michael Hit Her State & Destroyed Her Wedding, But CocoMelody Reached Out to Help

News | By:cocomelody

Wedding day was supposed to be the happiest day of one woman’s life, but a “Once in a century Hurricane” may ruin everything! And this happened to our #cocomelodybride Glenda.

Glenda is from Albany, Georgia. Her wedding was supposed to be August of 2017. But her parents passed away in July 2017 within a month of each other, so the wedding was postponed to this November 2018.

When the wedding dress she ordered came in, it was botched.

“I started just weeping,” she said. “Because it was horrible. It was horrible.”

Before she had a chance to search for a new one, Hurricane Michael hit and all of the bridal shops were shut down in her state.

So Glenda called our Los Angeles store to inquire about a dress, for a wedding under a month (most of our dresses take about 4 months). When our Bridal Party Manager “Tyler” received her call and heard all about her story, he felt so strongly for Glenda and really wanted to do something to help her.

Tyler decided to tell Glenda’s story to our chief designer Puey and the Cocomelody Corporate team. Puey’s statement “We understood her desperation and we knew how it feels to be a victim. Our mission is to help all the brides-to-be around the world to find THE DRESS and make everyone feel like the best on their most important day!” So after discussion, our team decided to do something special for Glenda, Our chief designer Puey and Tyler booked the tickets and fly to Atlanta, GA to present a dress to Glenda in person.

“Just to have someone say, let me lighten your load. Let me show you that there are people out there who care,” Glenda said.

Glenda sees her new dress as a beautiful example of faith.

“Anytime you feel like you have lost all hope, he does hear and answer prayer. I am so grateful, so grateful.”

Nature is pitiless but the world is full of love! Let Cocomelody stand by you. Let us make your dreams of love come true as you share your happiness with the world. Wish all of you being a happy and beautiful #cocomelodybride!