Inspiration: Wedding-Exit Toss Ideas

Tips & Guidance | By:cocomelody

Along with your something borrowed and something blue, the act of throwing rice as you exit your wedding ceremony is a time-honored tradition that originated back in ancient Rome. The Romans believed that throwing rice was a symbol of showering the new couple with fertility and abundance. Nowadays, the wedding-exit toss is still an honored tradition, although rice isn’t the only thing that can be used. Perhaps you don’t want to get pregnant yet or are looking into other ways to mark the start of your new life together? Here are some of our favorite ideas on some send-offs for the happy couple:

Confetti: So much fun for everyone involved! Plus, nothing truly marks a great party like confetti does!


Image by Chris and Ruth Photography via Junebug Weddings

Rosemary: A tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, rosemary was believed to represent fidelity and luck.


Image via Pinterest

Birdseeds: For the bride who believes in the tradition of throwing rice, an eco-friendly alternative is birdseed as it would have the same effect.


Image via Etsy

Bubbles: Relatively inexpensive and will add an ethereal touch to your photos.


Image by Johnny Fenn via Brit+Co

Sparklers: Is there anything more festive than leaving your wedding ceremony through a maze of sparklers?


Image by Life Writing Photography via Style Me Pretty

Balloons: This is a great option if your venue prohibits you from throwing anything.


Image by Jojo Photo via Brides