Perfect Burgundy Ideas for your Fall Wedding

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When you think of Fall / Autumn, some things like the changing of leaves, hot coco and favorite holidays might come to mind. Fall is a very beautiful season and if you are lucky enough to live in a place where Indian Summers occur, you can use that to your best advantage for a perfect Fall wedding. But do not worry, there are also other ways to incorporate a Fall feeling into your wedding. Using saturated and deep colors like Forest Green, Burnt Orange or Burgundy will automatically transition into an Autumn atmosphere. Here are some ideas on how to specifically incorporate a much loved color of the season to your Fall wedding.

1. A Stain of Burgundy for Attire

If you enjoy the color burgundy but find it too overwhelming to have E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in that particular hue, try adding it as a contrast in attire. Although we know that a deep blue was all the trend for groom suits in Spring and Summer weddings, a deep red might be the perfect contrast for Fall. To reflect that color onto the bride, she might opt for a velvet colored lipstick. If the groom is not fond of the idea of burgundy suit, you can always reflect the colors on your bridesmaid dresses.

A Stain of Burgundy for Attire

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a deep red might be the perfect contrast for Fall

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2. Burst of Burgundy Blooms

A further way to include burgundy into your wedding is to incorporate it into your bridal bouquet. Hints of the deep hue that can be commonly found in roses, carnations, dahlias and ranunculus add a gorgeous pop of color into any bouquet.

3. Tasty Treats of Velvet

If you would rather add burgundy into your treats and sweets at your wedding, there is no stopping of doing so. You can find cakes, muffins, macaroons, candies, you name it in the specific color you want. Or if you want it to be a surprise cover your red velvet cake in a frosting of white or any other color of choice.

4. Maroon Accent Pieces and Backdrops

Who does not like the idea of creative and interesting backdrops and accent pieces for their wedding pictures? If you look long enough, you can actually find perfect centerpieces for your photos easily. It can either be your getaway car, a wooden wall of a barn or fence or even the caboose of a train!

Perfect Burgundy Ideas for your Fall Wedding

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5. It’s all about the Decor

Burgundy can be quite an eccentric and overwhelming color due to its dark hue but if balanced correctly, it will work wonders. As with the ideas mentioned previously moderation is key, but even if all these ideas were combined it would work fantastically, especially in combination with browns and blushes. You can add subtle hints of burgundy into your décor, let it be leaves, flowers, table cloth, name signs, candles and so much more, the list is endless.

6. Dare to not Care

Last but not least, if you dare, you can choose your wedding gown in this gorgeous hue. Cocomelody offers any dress of your choice in various colors and hues to fit your desire. Burgundy furthermore stands for strength and individuality but also represents warmth and comfort, so why not combine all these traits in one breathtaking gown?!

choose your wedding gown in this gorgeous hu

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