Real Wedding: Andrea & Derek

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Andrea + Derek celebrated their big day in Holbrook, New York. They chose navy/marine blue and gold accents for their wedding colors to fit all of those themes they come up with before. And we love the final results!

All photos were taken by Krista Grace Photography.

Wedding Dress Style: #LWXT150CF


Q: Any advice or tips for future Mrs.?

Enjoy every moment of being engaged and wedding planning! Although the actually wedding day is the most magical day, I personally felt like being engaged and planning everything was one of the best partS!  know it seems stressful at times and you may want to give up because you can’t chose between certain things or things may not go your way, but seriously – ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF IT. Just take a deep breath if things seem overwhelming and tell yourself everything will be amazing in the end no matter what. And on your wedding day, savor the moment – because it goes so fast and the night will seem like a blur to you afterwards. You will wish you could do it all over again!

Q: How did you meet? And where did he propose?

We met at work. I just got a new job and Derek was already working there. I’m pretty sure he noticed me first which was cute! Then one day he added me on Facebook and literally from that moment, we talked non stop. Every since that day we were inseparable. He actually proposed simply in my bedroom. I was going through my closet looking for an outfit and I turned around and he was sitting at the edge of the bed with it. I could see he was shaking when he put it on me, I’ve never seen him so nervous before! (Plus he knew to not propose with a bunch of random strangers around like at a restaurant for example because I don’t like being the center of attention lol)

Q: What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme?

We had a lot of ideas for themes and it was so hard to stick with one! But we combined all those themes into one so it fit all of them even though each one is very different. I love Disney and my first option was a Beauty and the Beast theme. The second one was kind of like a starry night/galaxy feel. And the third one was since Derek was in the Marines for 5 years, I wanted to pick those colors that his “dress blues” uniform was. So everything was gold and navy/marine blue. So it matches each theme – Beauty and the Beast is gold and navy blue, a starry night you would associate the dark colors and gold to the stars, and the Marine uniform colors!


Q: What location did you pick to have your wedding and why did you choose this place?

We actually decided to have an outdoor wedding but we had it in the front yard of Derek’s parents house. They have a big front yard which is surrounded by trees which gave it a more cozy feel to it. We did this because we wanted more of a laid back and personal wedding reception. Derek’s father is actually the pastor of their church which they live directly behind the church down a long driveway so it was also cool to have the ceremony and then after the guests could walk right to the tented reception.

Q: What’s your hubby’s reaction when he first saw you on your big day?

I have photo proof of his reaction of me because we did a reveal photoshoot! He was all smiles and said I looked beautiful and he hugged me.

Q: What did you love most about your #Cocomelody dress?

I loved the lace portion of it and how it went down my back. I didn’t want a strapless dress and this gave it a romantic feel to it while giving it support to stay up on me. The buttons running down the back too were a nice touch. A beautiful wedding dress all around!

Q: What do you think about Cocomelody?

I really liked Cocomelody and the customer service was great! I had many questions beforehand and I really enjoyed the live chats. I also liked how you can give them you’re specific measurements and they will alter it for you. Thank you!