Real Wedding: Elizabeth & Matthew

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Elizabeth & Matthew were married in Plumpton, Melbourne, Australia. They didn’t really have a theme, just worked their decorations around the fresh and pretty colors of the venue’s garden, chapel and reception. But the final results are beautiful and full of natural vibes. We’re obsessed!

All photos were taken by Pix Ray Photography.

Wedding Dress Style: #LD3932

when you have found your soulmate and dream dress

Q: Any advice or tips for future Mrs.? 

Two things I learned; respect is key, and pick your battles! When it comes to wedding planning, it’s so important to stay true to yourself, but also to maintain a balanced respect for your family’s ideas too. This day should be joyous and momentous, but remember – it’s just one day! Stand up for what you want and believe in, but don’t let little details get in the way of your relationships. 

Q: Tell us your love story! Where & How did he propose? 

Matt and I met at a party, and he asked me on a date. I knew early on I really liked him! We had our issues culturally and with distance, but after almost four years of dating, he proposed. He knows me inside out, and one of the things I love to do is jigsaw puzzles. He had a personalized jigsaw puzzle made for me. On it was a collage of photos of us, and big red words saying “Will You Marry Me?”. He took me to my favorite garden and we did it together. I was a little confused as to why we were doing a puzzle in a garden, but I thought he was just being cute. As we got closer to the end of the puzzle it clicked – I was a mess of tears. 

contagious smiles are everything

Q: How would you define the message ” Dare to Love”? 

What a phrase! I think modern people are afraid of commitment and for many reasons believe that they are unworthy of a great love story. Love is absolutely a risk, one that many people are afraid to take. “Dare to Love,” tells me to be brave and trust my feeling, and to have the courage to be swept away by something epically romantic. 

Q: What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme? 

I’ve always loved gardens, so when we found a venue with an amazing garden vibe and chapel all on the one site, we were sold. I love the natural, fun feeling that our photographer captured among the flowers and greenery. 

go heading hand in hand

Q: Did you enjoy the wedding planning process? Why or why not? 

I did, I loved researching and booking in the services, buying my dress and shopping with my bridesmaids. I found planning the actual ceremony to be difficult because of our parent’s religious requirements, but looking back I probably stressed too much. 

Q: What was the best/most memorable part of the day? 

My husband’s speech. It was entertaining, sweet and romantic in a way that was SO him. He loves science and was able to work it into his final punchline about our love, which people are still talking about months later. 

Q: What did you love most about your #Cocomelody dress?

I loved so many things. The ease of purchase, the price, the comfort, and the style. I didn’t have a good experience shopping for wedding dresses in the store, so I loved the easy website functionality when purchasing this piece. 

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Q: What do you think about Cocomelody and the customer service?

Cocomelody has a great website and the options available in terms of sizing is amazing. I love that it’s a one-stop shop for everything to do with your dress and accessories. Best purchase for sure.