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This #cocomelodybride Kira had her ranch, rustic wedding while wearing style Hindy. Kira & Tyler’s outdoor wedding at Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad was full of the laid-back vibes. What’s more, Kira’s off-the-shoulder gown was so dreamy, which created an effortless bridal moment! Now, just check these stunning pics below!

All photos were taken by Corinne Alexandra.

Wedding Dress Style: #LD5776

Q: Any advice or tips for future Mrs.?

Have fun! Lean on your bridal party for help. You will know the right venue when you find it. Always go with your gut and first instinct when making decisions. Second guessing yourself will only stress you out! It’s true what they say, you feel like your walking on air the day of your wedding. The small details you stressed over the months before don’t mean a thing.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme?

I have always loved the laid back vibe of an outdoor wedding. A place that is naturally beautiful whether it has been dolled up for an event or is left untouched. I am not a flashy person, so I needed some dirt in my wedding.

Q: Tell us your love story! Where & How did he propose?

Below is what was on our website for our story. Yes, we met in vegas. What Happens In Vegas……. leads to wedding vows and I do’s. And no, not the drive through quickie wedding with Elvis officiating. However, Tyler and Kira’s story does begin with a good dose of cheesy costumes and generous libations. It was Halloween weekend in the city of sin. Tyler and his friends were there to celebrate Nic and his birthday. Meanwhile, Kira and her friend Amy were there to see Taking Back Sunday. Kira and Amy decided to stop at the casino bar in Planet Hollywood after enjoying the showmanship of the Chip & Dales performers. Across the bar from them sat a man in a taco suit (aka Kyle), a “happy” camper (aka Shaun), Nic (as Nic), and Clark Kent (aka Tyler in a superman shirt and a blazer). How the two groups began talking is still up for debate as drinks were flowing and details became blurred by…. the bright lights of the casino.

One thing that could not be forgotten is the immediate chemistry between Tyler and Kira. They talked for, what felt like hours, about music, where they grew up, wrestling, and so on. He was even still interested in her after she made fun of his Four Loko; and she was still interested in him after he fell asleep at the bar. After exchanging Instagrams, they walked, well stumbled, back to their own rooms. Each knowing that they had met someone that would forever change their life. Tyler says he knew during that Vegas trip that he would marry Kira; she has her suspicions if that part is true or not. Intermission Even though both Tyler and Kira were infatuated with one another, there was a long, dramatic pause between their Vegas encounter and their first date. After Vegas, Tyler went back home to San Diego, and Kira when back to Long Beach. They continued to exchange sparse, flirty texts over the next couple months, but that was it. It wasn’t until Tyler’s friend Shaun invited Kira to his Wrestlemania party in April that the two met again. Both played coy with one another at the party.

It wasn’t until a few months later in May that Kira received a phone call from Tyler. Her stomach became full of butterflies when she saw his name on the called id. Turns out, he needed a date for Nic & Molly’s wedding. Seven months after their fateful meeting in Vegas, they finally had their first date set for June 8th. The First Date Most first dates do not involve weddings, awkward moments with other people, and meeting the mom; but Tyler and Kira’s did. Tyler was a groomsman in Nic and Molly’s wedding, which meant Kira had ample time to make awkward small talk with other wedding guests. Two of those guests, who she was not warned were attending, were Tyler’s mom and sister. As if a first date surrounded by unknown people wasn’t nerve rattling enough!

Luckily, as many of you know, Sharron and Kylie are absolute sweethearts so the impromptu introduction was not nearly as scary as Kira thought. As the night progressed, so did Tyler and Kira’s chemistry. They danced, laughed, and experienced an enormous amount of stares when Tyler caught the garter. They capped off a wonderful wedding and first date by indulging in Del Taco and knowing that they were meant to be together. For Life Fast forward to June of 2018; After 5 years of dating, 1 furchild, buying a house, and 5 garter and bouquet catches between the two of them, Tyler was finally sick of the “When are you two going to get married?” questions. On June 19th, Kira came home from work to a candle lined living room and Tyler standing in the middle. After many kisses, Tyler dropped to one knee and asked Kira to be his wife. Of course she said yes! From the moment they met, they knew they were meant to be together. Tyler and Kira Ferguson – coming October 2019.

Q: How would you define the message “Dare to Love”?

Dare to be your true self. Dare yourself to remain vulnerable. Dare yourself to be loved for who you are. Dare yourself to commit to your forever person.

Q: What was the best/most memorable part of the day?

This is an extremely tough question as every moment of that day was special in its own way. Honestly, the most memorable part is the elevated feeling I had the entire day. Knowing I was finally marrying my person and everywhere I turned was someone very special to me. I always wanted a small wedding but was talked into a much bigger one and I am so thankful for that. Being surrounded by the people my husband and I love and share a special bond with was absolutely amazing.

Q: What did you love most about your #CocoMelody dress (es)?

The off the shoulder lace straps. My wedding dress was amazing!

Q: What do you think about CocoMelody and the customer service?

Loved the dresses and the prices. I had a great experience with CocoMelody. My only wish was it was closer than LA and I had more time than 1 hour to enjoy the experience a bit longer.