Real Wedding: Trisha & Joel

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Trisha and Joel tied the knot in Heightstown , NJ on March 26, 2017 and did an impressive ” Dried Flowers, Dark Spring” wedding theme. Take a look at their weddding details and her shopping experience from Cocomelody!

All the photos were taken by HereNorth Photography

Wedding Dress Style: #h1ii0017  

Q: Best wedding planning advice?

The less people involved in the day (artists, drivers, etc.) the better. It only leaves room for more error.


Q: Tell us your love story!

Our story is rather funny. We were introduced by a mutual best friend in the Fall of 2010. At the time I had just gotten out of a four year relationship and Joel just moved back from Oregon two months prior when we met. A month into meeting each other, our friend Kyle decided to play match maker. Individually, he fabricated a story to each of us about how much the other adored them, although neither of us had actually uttered a word about each other..
Naturally, we started flirting casually and hanging out, soon falling for each other fast. Our first date was a baking session at his house, in which we cliche-y put flour on each others noses. Unfortunately, I was a dumb dumb and began seeing my ex boyfriend again in Dec 2010. I didn’t want to have any “what if’s” down the line. In March 2011 I called it quits with this man finally right around my birthday. I hosted a birthday party in which Kyle was invited to.
Being his sneaky self, he informed Joel that my ex and I had finally officially split. Joel, being the dream boat he is, showed up to my house for my birthday and the kindling quickly reignited. I’ll never lose the gratitude I have for his patience with me during that time. Since March 2011 we’ve been together literally happily ever after. We moved in together in February 2012. Unfortunately, in October 2015, my father suddenly passed away and so my disabled mother moved in with us.
Throughout all of this turmoil and change, Joel decided to propose to me. Where you might ask? It must be in one of the romantic places ever, right? It was in the Six Flags parking lot … haha. But there really is reason behind this. Joel decided early on that he wanted Kyle to take part in our relationship since he was the reason we even acknowledged each other.
Because we live over an hour away, it is rare that we both get much time with Kyle. Kyle was accompanying us to Six Flags, so Joel took this opportunity to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him.


Q: What inspired your wedding theme?

My day to day life and home decor.

Q: Memorable Moment on Wedding?

Our private moment was discussing our days events before the ceremony.


Q: How did you decide on your #Cocomelodydress?

My dream wedding dress was sold out and your page advertised a look alike on my Facebook.

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