Wedding Rings: How to Find the Perfect Match

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Finding the perfect wedding and engagement rings is just as important of a step as finding the perfect dress. And, just like the endless styles of wedding dresses, there is an endless amount of ring options too! We have compiled a few tips to help you through the buying process to make planning for your big day a little less chaotic, and something you can cherish with your significant other.

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1. Find Your Style

First things first, find the perfect style that best fits you stylistically. This is easier said than done, with trendy options ranging from large and extravagant to traditionally vintage. Picking just one can seem like a daunting task, but sorting your choices by cut, color, and material can help to narrow down the options. Make a vision board that includes a section dedicated to your rings, and start with materials and color. If you prefer a classic and clean look, stick with your more traditional metals like platinumor white gold. If you’d rather go bold, go with a bright gold or rose gold band. If you want to make it even more unique, vouch for unrefined or unpolished metals for a natural, earthy design, or even consider wood materials! This is a trendy material for both engagement and wedding bands, and creates a nature-inspired look.

The type of stone and how it is cut is another important element to consider. Start with size and work your way up to shape and setting. This is also where you might consider your lifestyle. If you work with your hands, a channel set ring might be the most practical setting to protect both your ring and your fingers. Or, if you want a statement ring, consider cushion shaped gemstones or diamonds, or the more popular pear shaped cut. Find which one matches your personality and style, and pull a few options to share with your partner.

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2. Find It Together

Picking out your rings together may seem like it takes away from the element of surprise when it comes to the proposal, but it can actually make it less stressful. Leaving the choice of their ring completely up to their partner is a nightmare for some brides, with most wanting a say in the style. If this is the case, consider hitting the stores together and making this a special moment to spend with your partner. It can also help to manage your time and budget a little better, by making it something you can start planning for prior to the proposal and hectic wedding planning that follows. Prioritizes the wedding essentials, to determine how much can be put towards your rings, then consider the amount of time you have to shop. If you decide to wait until you have a wedding date set, you may need to plan far in advance, giving yourself at least four months prior to the big day.

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If you run out of time and the date is fast approaching, look for online jewelers that can have your rings shipped right to your door with minimal effort! Online jewelers like Blue Nile have an intuitive site to help you design-your-own or pick from a  wide selection of beautiful engagement rings. So, don’t feel like you need to rush out to the store and decide quickly if the wedding date is approaching faster than planned. There are plenty of alternatives to still find that perfect ring!

3. Find A Jeweler

Finding the perfect jeweler might not seem like a crucial step, but the jeweler will have full control over the timing and pricing of your rings. One of the first things to look for before even entering the store, is the company’s credentials and reputation. This can be found easily online, and can help narrow down your options. If the store shows longevity, this can make it easy to make a long-lasting relationship in case of any future additions to your purchase like added anniversary stones or gifts. Having a trusted jeweler takes some stress out repairs if needed when damage occurs.

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Once you go in-store, make sure your jeweleris easy to work with and takes your questions and concerns into consideration, too! This is key to them being able to help you narrow down your ring choices, and finding the perfect style for you and your partner. If they focus on price too much, this may be a red flag, so consider looking somewhere else if it be comes a repeated topic of discussion outside of reviewing your budget. Also, make sure your jeweler takes both of your opinions into consideration, and it does not become one sided. To avoid other frustrating situations, review this article here for more factors to consider when choosing your jeweler, so you are prepared ahead of time.