10 Romantic Engagement Photo Ideas

PLANNING & BUDGET Wedding Planning | By:cocomelody

Are you getting engaged soon? Congratulations!! We, here at COCOMELODY, wish you a lifetime of pure happiness and love… oh, and a lot of romance – that stuff is important too. Now, have you thought about hiring a photographer for your engagement photos?

Not yet?

Okay, we know your engagement photos are most likely not on the top of your priorities, what with all the arrangements you have to make – from planning your wedding budget and estimating your guests to deciding on a date, a venue and of course, your wedding gown. However, engagement photos are really worth it!

Don’t forget, your engagement photos are likely going to be the last snaps of the two of you together – as lovers – before you become a married couple eternally. Engagement photos can also give you an insight into how your wedding frames will turn out. Oh and not to mention, you also get some wonderful Instaworthy pictures. Sounds fantastic, right?

Here, we have rounded up 10 romantic engagement photo ideas as a starting point for you.

Image Credit: Brianp Studios

1. First date, again

Nothing feels like the first few dates where both of you were falling in love with each other. Or you were probably only flirting, but hey, that counts too! You can recreate and live over those memories by going to where you had your first date, wearing what you wore that day (or something similar) and having your pictures taken.

2. A park

Isn’t park a cliché venue for couple photo shoots? To that, we say, “yes!” But there’s a good reason. Parks are classic venues that can result in some of the most romantic photographic moments. Just picture yourself walking around in your lovely long sleeve wedding dress holding hands with your boyfriend…in a beautiful park with fragrant, colorful flowers everywhere.

Style: #LD3905, Image Credit: Onelove Photography

3. Piggyback ride

This one’s old but gold. Have your sweetheart sweep you off your feet and carry you away – an age-old symbol of the groom whisking the bride away from the family and into their new life together. This will surely loosen up the stressful atmosphere and add fun and romance to the hustle and bustle of your wedding planning.

4. Ring in focus

You have splurged so much on your wedding rings; you might as well keep them in the frame. An aesthetic shot of your rings can also make for a great cover for your engagement photo album too.

5. Recreate movie scenes

If you consider yourself to be a movie buff or you simply want to add a lively and fun approach to your engagement photos, you could go for some well-known movie poses: maybe do a Titanic pose on a cruise ship? What could be more romantic than that?

Style: #LWKF15003, Image Credit: Manifesto Photography

6. No peeping!

Leave a little to the imagination and don’t let your partner catch even the slightest glimpse of your face. Cover his eyes with a book, a fedora or even your hands! These endearing shots will lend a unique and fun vibe to your engagement photo album.

7. The little things

They say it’s all in the details: the way your hands touch or the way you look at each other. Naturally, these easy-going candid shots will produce some very romantic engagement photographs.

8. To the shores

If you want your engagement photos to exude a laid-back, bohemian vibe, then you definitely need to hit the beach. Intimate stills of you and your man looking like you are having the time of your lives on the sandy shore will undoubtedly be amazing. 

Style: #CWUT16001, Image Credit: Brianp Studios

9. Home sweet home

Every so often, the best place to have your engagement pictures taken is your own home. After all, home is where the heart is. You can be comfortable and have your pictures taken at your favorite spots around the home to make the photo shoot even more special.

10. What lies ahead of you

For an incredible last photo of your engagement album, you should have a shot to make everyone think about your future together. Wear a gorgeous lace wedding dress and get a picture of you with your partner’s hand in your hand, and both of you looking into the horizon in the silhouette of a bright sundown.

If you appreciated these engagement photo ideas, don’t settle for just that. Your engagement photos are all about you and your significant other so don’t shy away from adding in your own inputs to make the shots exclusively “yours.”