4 Tips to Manage Wedding Planning Stress

Wedding Dresses 101 | By:cocomelody

Marriage is an exciting milestone in life that many strive for. While getting married is something that most couples look forward to, planning the wedding may not be highly anticipated. With so much pressure on one day, planning a wedding can be stressful. However, despite inevitable struggles and challenges, there are ways to make the process easier. Here are some tips to manage wedding planning stress.


Plan Ahead


Getting married is one of the biggest moments of your life, which is why planning ahead for your wedding is so important. There are so many responsibilities that go into creating the perfect wedding day, so make sure you know what needs to be done and give yourself enough time to complete these tasks. Although you may want to procrastinate, waiting until the last minute to plan your wedding will only cause unnecessary stress and anxiety.


To help keep you on track, create a to-do list of everything that needs to be completed with assigned deadlines. This will keep you organized and accountable, and will give you a realistic timeline. Some tasks like booking a wedding venue or going wedding dress shopping will need to be completed much further in advance than others like sending invitations or creating a seating chart. Dedicating enough time for more long-term duties will ensure your desired options are available and will give you peace of mind.


Create a Budget


One of the most stressful parts about planning a wedding is paying for it. Depending on the type of wedding you envision and how many guests you invite, the cost can be expensive. To help organize your finances, it’s important to create a budget for your wedding.


Creating a budget will help you and your partner decide what’s most important and help you prioritize your must-haves. For instance, if you’re set on having your wedding at a hotel, you might choose a cheaper catering option to account for the cost. Knowing what your wedding goals and priorities are beforehand can ensure that you and your partner are happy with the outcome and ensure you’re not overspending on insignificant items.


When planning your budget, split the costs into separate categories to better organize your spending. It’s also helpful to dedicate a small portion of your budget toward hidden costs such as gratuities, service charges, vendor meals, and more. If you’re having trouble affording your wedding costs, consider doing DIY projects to cut down on spending or get a second job to boost your budget. If you and your fiancé are homeowners, you can also use an equity loan for additional funding. This can be a smart option to pay for your wedding expenses as it has a lower interest rate than a personal loan or credit card and can be used for any purpose, meaning you can plan the wedding of your dreams.


Enlist Help


Planning a wedding can be stressful, but that doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. Although you may think you and your fiancé need to do everything, that isn’t the case. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, enlisting the help of friends and family can help relieve some wedding planning stress.


While larger responsibilities like choosing a wedding venue or buying a wedding dress should be done on your own, you can have others help with smaller tasks like buying decorations or contacting vendors and caterers. Having friends and family around for moral support can help ease your anxiety and make the planning process smoother. You never know when you might need a helping hand or words of encouragement. If you feel like you need additional support, consider hiring a wedding planner to handle the logistics.


Take Care of Yourself


It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of wedding planning. Between buying a wedding dress, finding a venue, creating a guest list, and writing your vows, there’s a lot that needs to get done. However, it’s also important to take care of yourself during the planning process to make sure the stress doesn’t overwhelm you. Putting a focus on both your physical and mental health during this time will ensure you feel your best on your big day.


Aside from wedding planning, dedicate time for self-care and to bond with your partner. This could be going out on a date, relaxing and watching a movie together, or going on a walk. Whatever you decide to do, remember the big picture and remind yourself that your wedding is about strengthening your relationship and celebrating your love.