How To Choose Dresses All Bridesmaids Will Love?

Tips & Guidance | By:cocomelody

Weddings are always cheerful events, where everyone feels the excitement, joy and love. The soon to be bride will already be head over heels into organizing, preparing and shopping for the big day. What she also will be looking for are the perfect dresses for the bridesmaids that will compliment her wedding and dream gown. Before going on a whim and buying random dresses, I have composed some helpful tips to pick out the right dresses that all your bridesmaids will love!

1. A Touch of Color

A pop of color is always nice, especially if it contrasts nicely with the bride’s gown or compliments the theme of the ceremony. Bright bold colors automatically send a good vibe and cheerful mood, although these are great feature, you might want to choose a more subtle hue, maybe even go for a natural tone. Your bridesmaids will thank you for this choice because not only will they be able to wear their beautiful dress to your wedding but also outside of a formal setting.

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2. It’s all about the Money, Money

As with most things, prices can skyrocket and blow a hole through your wallet. The same goes for bridesmaid dresses. Although you might want to have something on the higher end, keep in mind what budget your bridesmaids will have available. You might have a few bridesmaids that can or cannot afford the dress you have in mind. Keep that into consideration.

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3. Let her choose, she won’t lose

Although it might sound scary and risky at first, you could simply let your bridesmaid choose her own dress. This way she will be able to choose something she is most comfortable in, purchase something that she will be able to afford without breaking the bank and possibly have something she can wear to different occasions. The only thing, and most advisable thing, is to give your bridesmaids a color swatch, so they know exactly with tone or hue they are looking for. That way you will avoid color variations.

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4. Fashion Forward

Fashion changes, seasons come and go but bridesmaid dresses can stay in fashion for quite some time due to their timeless look and style. When looking for dresses for your bridesmaids you also want to take in time of day and season into consideration. Will they be too warm or too cold? Will they need something to cover up in? Also try to keep it practical. Your bridesmaids will want to hit the dance floor at some point and they should be able to wear something that is not too restrictive or uncomfortable.

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5. Keep it simple and easy

Being the bride you want to look your best and be the centerpiece of attraction, rightfully so, but you want your bridesmaids to look great as well without competing with your bridal gown. That is why it is best to keep fabrics and styles simple and sleek. The only time there would be an exception, is if you would choose to have a theme wedding, where you would try to tie the look together.

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